Oppenheimer’s Global Box Office Success: Despite Barbie’s $1 Billion Milestone, Cillian Murphy’s Thriller Is About To Become Christopher Nolan’s Fourth Biggest Hit By Surpassing Interstellar

The Barbenheimer phenomenon, which started on social media before the simultaneous release of two blockbuster films, Barbie and Oppenheimer, in July, delighted the film industry. The two films, which seemed to have nothing in common, performed exceptionally well at the global box office and are still attracting audiences. The latest news is that the Cillian Murphy-starring thriller is on track to become the fourth most successful film of Christopher Nolan’s career. Read on to find out more!

The film, which was released on 21st July, tells the story of J Robert Oppenheimer, an American theoretical physicist who led the Manhattan Project during World War 2. The film received rave reviews from critics and audiences alike, and despite its long duration and niche appeal, it was widely loved by viewers. The film is still going strong at the box office, even after almost a month of its release.

Oppenheimer Nears Fourth Spot in Nolan’s Top Grossers

According to a report by Deadline, Oppenheimer is expected to reach $718 million in worldwide box office earnings today. This will make the film the fourth highest-grossing film of Christopher Nolan’s career, surpassing Interstellar’s global total of $715.75 million. The film is estimated to have earned $432 million from foreign markets by the end of today’s showings.

Explore Christopher Nolan’s top-grossing films at the global box office (according to Box Office Mojo):

The Dark Knight Rises – $1.081 billion

The Dark Knight – $1.006 billion

Inception – $837.18 million

Interstellar – $715.75 million

Oppenheimer – $668 million

Oppenheimer is on track to surpass Interstellar’s global earnings of $715.75 million today, making it the fourth biggest hit of Christopher Nolan’s filmography. However, the film is unlikely to catch up with Inception’s worldwide total of $837.18 million and will probably finish at the same 4th spot.

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