BNHAF Awards And Festival Goes Big With 8th Edition Celebrating Excellence

Launched during the peak of Film Festival season of September-October 2021, the festival has firmly established itself as the premier festival that founded in India.

Very recently, film-makers at the oldest film festival in India IFFI 2022, extended their best wishes to the young festival. Filmmakers and actors from Mexico, Spain, USA, Philippines, were very impressed by the selection and hoped they will soon showcase their work at the #BNHAF.

The idea of #BNHAF is to be truly global, the 6th Edition saw an Italian film win the top honors; while the 7th edition saw an Afghani –Irani film win the top honors.

Filmmaker, Antonio Maria Castaldo, was all praise for the festival. He said that he didn’t expect his Italian film, Giulia e ilCapoposto to win, however he was surprised by the audience reaction in a packed audi of 300 audiences. “It was beyond my imagination. Thank you BNHAF for the honor”.


Bijan Siyamak, director of “Lady In The Red” that won top honors at the 7th Edition of #BNHAF Awards and Festival said that when he met Amit R Agarwal, the lead actor; he was convinced that he has to make the film with only Agarwal in the lead. He is so happy with the film that he plans his next set in Italy (interestingly) with Agarwal in the lead.

On being queried whether he thought the film won the top honors at #BNHAF Awards and Festival, because Agarwal is also the founder of #BNHAF, he said as a matter-of-fact that Agarwal doesn’t interfere with the jury. Further, he added, all the top festivals are owned by the biggest of studios, transparency is the hallmark of a film festival.

The next edition is slated to start from December 16, 2022 following which the 9th and 10th edition are clubbed together as a gala extravaganza.

Agarwal thanked his gifting partners Gem Mines, Rekha VohraaFoundation and The Pinewood for supporting great cinema created every year across the world. He said that each edition is getting 25 Million+ impressions across social media and he is very happy with the response so far.

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