Money Heist 5: La Casa de Papel fans have been speculating about the upcoming season, read them here!

The fifth and final series of the enormously famous Spanish crime drama – popularly known as La casa de papel – is slated to conclude with two volumes.

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Money Heist’s fifth and final season will premiere on Netflix this week, with the first five of ten episodes premiering on Friday. The Spanish drama’s most intense excursion yet has been previewed in an action-packed trailer, and fans are concerned that they may be set to bid farewell to some of their favourite characters.

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The fifth and final series of the enormously famous Spanish crime drama – popularly known as La casa de papel – is slated to conclude with two volumes. However, with Money Heist’s fourth episode ending on an unexpected cliffhanger, internet guesses abound, making the wait for season five even more excruciating.

Meanwhile, as the final chapter approaches, it’s time to look at some of the possibilities that could be at the heart of the show’s remaining plot. The next possible fatalities, narrative twists, and surprise character additions are among the five likely developments for the series’ finale that require your attention.


Arturo is the most talked about character; he’s one of the most important characters because of his wicked persona that we witnessed throughout the web show. Arturo and the hostages might most likely flee the Bank of Spain, allowing the troops to strike the theft party. “I think Arturo will escort the hostages to escape the bank, or something like that, and that’s why the military will come in,” a fan theory read.


Another exciting fan theory is about Alicia. In the last moments of Part 4, Alicia, exposed and on the run from the cops, finds herself pointing a revolver at the Professor. There are two conceivable results that have been circulating on the internet as of late. Alicia, who is pregnant and has nowhere else to go, might end up becoming a member of the group. Viewers believe her performance of “Bella Ciao” at the end credits demonstrates her growth. There’s also the possibility that she’ll plan the theft herself, using the Professor as bait to set up a scenario that best suits her goals.


One Reddit user suggested that the inclusion of Tokyo’s dead ex-boyfriend, played by newbie Miguel ngel Silvestre, could be a portent of Rio’s fate. User MynameisntWejdene posted: “I think the writers might want to end the final season as a throwback to the first episodes. The ending of the pilot is Tokyo screaming and dragging out an injured Rio, realizing she can lose another boyfriend at any time. That seems to be her worst nightmare.” The second season of Money Heist ended with a major wake-up call for Tokyo, and the long-awaited series finale could bring everything full circle.

As the second heist comes to a close, many have already speculated that the new trailer could portend disaster for Rio when it comes to the criminals confronting the cops head on. Furthermore, season five is expected to explain more about Tokyo’s boyfriend’s death before the series’ main events begin.

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Both gang and The Professor will escape is another fascinating point that integrates a few shorter fan concepts. Many speculate that the gang will fire gold nuggets into the air to confuse the throng protesting outside the Bank of Spain, making it easier for the robbers to flee in their Dali masks.

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