Money Heist season 5 trailer is out and it is loaded with intense & thrilling action!

Money Heist 5 will be the final season of La Casa De Papel, the Spanish version of Money Heist.

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On Monday, the Money Heist Season 5 Part One trailer was revealed. And, as expected, it’s jam-packed with action. The criminal drama is poised to release in less than a month, and the trailer has only raised the stakes.

The gang and The Professor are shown at their most vulnerable state in the roughly two-minute movie. While the group tries to come to terms with Nairobi’s death, Lisbon’s entrance into the Bank of Spain appears to be a trigger. There are various flashbacks, including probably Tokyo with her boyfriend who was killed by cops, Berlin’s past with Tatiana, and much more. Denver and Stockholm, as well as Rio and Tokyo, appear to settle their differences before confronting the adversary.

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The trailer effectively suggests a conflict between the gang and the army stationed inside the bank in order to apprehend the former.

Sergio, aka The Professor, on the other hand, is at the mercy of inspector Alicia Sierra. While we see Sergio bound, chained, and tormented, we know there’s more to it than meets the eye, as our mastermind always has incredible escape plans. And we anticipate more of the same.

Money Heist 5 will also be the final season of La Casa De Papel, the Spanish version of Money Heist. It will be released in two parts, the first of which will premiere on Netflix on September 3 and the second of which will premiere on Netflix on December 3.

Watch the trailer here:

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