“99 Percent Of Bollywood Consume Drugs”, Said Kangana Ranaut As She Talks About Bollywood-Drug ‘Mafia’ Nexus & How She Was A Victim Of It

"99 Percent Of Bollywood Consume Drugs", Said Kangana Ranaut As She Talks About Bollywood-Drug ‘Mafia’ Nexus & How She Was A Victim Of It
“99 Percent Of Bollywood Consume Drugs”, Said Kangana Ranaut As She Talks About Bollywood-Drug ‘Mafia’ Nexus & How She Was A Victim Of It

Ever since Sushant Singh Rajput passed away, Kangana Ranaut has time and again stood up to question Bollywood. Be it for nepotism or gang formation. Now Kangana has again raised her voice against Bollywood-drug ‘mafia’ nexus.

Recently while giving an interview to a news channel she claimed that a ‘character actor’ drugged her. She said that he was a ‘self-appointed mentor’ in her life while she was trying to enter the film industry and later assumed the role of a ‘self-appointed husband’. The actress also claimed that the person was separated from his wife due to his drug habits. She also claimed that the family of the person wants her behind the bars as she knew their secrets.

Speaking about her initial days she said, at the age of 16 she left Manali and after winning a competition in Chandigarh she moved to Mumbai. After spending some days in a hostel she started living with her aunty in the city. This was the time she met this person who pretended to be her friend and promised to get her work in the industry. He also impressed her aunty and the three started living together.

Kangana was quoted as saying, “He fought with the aunty and asked her to leave. But he kept my belongings in the home and locked me. And whatever I would do, his staff would straightaway give updates to him. It felt almost like a house arrest.”

“He took me to parties and once I felt an intoxication, that led to intimacy between us. Then I realised that it was not done willingly, but my drink had been spiked. And after that incident, within a week, he became my self-appointed husband. And if I tell him, ‘you are not my boyfriend’, he’d charge at me with slippers to hit me,” she revealed.

She also claimed that this person has connections with Dubai and he would make her sit amid elderly men and leave the meeting himself. She said, “I started fearing that they would supply me to Dubai.”

Talking about Bollywood-drug nexus, she said a person who considered himself a superhero was in a film his family was making and she had a role in the film. She recalled an incident from the shoot in La Vegas, “At that time, his girlfriend, who was a foreigner, used to be there with him. Every night there used to be parties and drugs used to flow like water. Drugs like LSD, cocaine, and ecstacy pills they’d even consume during the day,” she was quoted as saying.

Kangana revealed that she came into a relationship with the actor after she did another film with him. She also said that the affair gave her access to the inner circle to the Bollywood. “When the inner circle came to know about our relationship, I then started getting invited into their parties because as an outsider I used to never be invited for it and it’s a very close-knit circle.”

“At that time, this person who considers himself a superhero got a big attack of drug overdose. He was admitted to the Kokilaben Hospital and this is a known fact. He got a reaction into his lungs I think, however, the hospital won’t reveal it and the matter was done and dusted there itself,” she added.

Kangana also said that due to the drug thing his personal life also suffered and his wife got a divorce with him. However, the actor’s father doesn’t want them to be separated because of the kids. The actress said that the couple then made a conspiracy to put her behind the bars.

“If they are mighty and powerful, how can I harm them? Then why do they want to put me behind bars? They know that I know these secrets so they tried to discredit me, termed me bipolar, or get me killed,” she added.

The Queen actress also claimed in the interview that ‘99 percent of Bollywood’ consume drugs.

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