The ‘Selfie’ Man Who Intruded Shah Rukh Khan At The Airport Afterwards Chased The Backstreet Boys For A Photo

Actor Shah Rukh Khan is known for kindness towards his fans. He has a huge fan base and the excitement of fans to see him is proof of that. When the celebrity was spotted at the Mumbai airport today, the crowd predictably flew into chaos.

Shah Rukh Khan waved back to his fans but the contrary is being portrayed about him. According to the latest news, he also tried to chase Backstreet Boys after the chaos he created when SRK was at the same Airport.

The man was dressed in a blazer and appeared like an employee of the airline or the airport. However it seems like he tried clicking a picture with SRK and Backstreet Boys but SRK did not push or hit him.

Fans Reaction On This

Netizens spotted the same person in the videos and wondered whether he was a fan who went out of his way to get clicked with celebs. One Instagram user wrote, “Ok, that guy in white shirt and black tie (in the beginning of this video) is the same guy who was trying to take a selfie with srk and is now trying his luck here..😂😂😂”. Another wrote, “Kisne spot kiya woh bande ko jiska hath shahrukh ne jatka tha selfie lete waqt 😂 lagta hai airport par sabke sath photo hi click karta hai😂 (did someone spot the man who SRK has pushed away, looks like he tries clicking selfies with all the celebs).”

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