Aamir Khan Expected To Make Big Screen Comeback With Ujjwal Nikam’s Biopic But There’s A Catch

Bollywood’s perfectionist Aamir Khan, who had earlier announced a break from acting following the lacklustre performance of ‘Laal Singh Chaddha’, is making a quicker-than-expected return to the silver screen.

The reason behind this surprising comeback is none other than the intriguing prospect of portraying the renowned public prosecutor, Ujjwal Nikam, in a biopic.

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Aamir Khan Approached For Ujjwal Nikam Biopic

The buzz surrounding Aamir Khan’s potential comeback had been circulating for a while, and it has finally been confirmed by the acclaimed cinematographer-director Avinash Arun, best known for his work on the award-winning Marathi film “Killa.” Avinash Arun, when asked about the collaboration, stated, “Yes, we are in talks.”

However, the twist in the tale is that Aamir Khan appears to have reservations about stepping into the shoes of the iconic legal luminary. Instead, he seems inclined towards producing the Ujjwal Nikam biopic while contemplating if he is the perfect fit for the pivotal role.

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Aamir To Also Produce The Film?

On the other hand, writer-director Avinash Arun remains steadfast in his vision to helm this project, under one condition – that Aamir Khan not only produces but also takes on the lead role. This leaves fans and cinephiles eagerly waiting to see whether Aamir will be convinced to don the mantle of Ujjwal Nikam or if this project will take an entirely different turn.

Aamir Khan’s recent cinematic endeavours have faced some tumultuous times at the box office. “Laal Singh Chaddha,” which marked his return after a four-year hiatus, followed by the 2018 debacle “Thugs Of Hindostan,” failed to make a substantial mark commercially. Now, with the potential Ujjwal Nikam biopic in the pipeline, the actor is undoubtedly in search of that one blockbuster hit that will not only rekindle his career but also solidify his presence in the fiercely competitive world of Indian cinema.

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