Aamir Khan Production Will Travel To Japan For His Son Junaid

Junaid Khan, who is following in the footsteps of his legendary father Aamir Khan, has a lot of work ahead of him. However, he appears to have made a promising start with two films under his belt, Yash Raj Films’ Maharaja and his home production Pritam Pyare. It has now been reported that a third film is in the works. It appears that Aamir’s production company is working on a slice-of-life film, which will most likely star Junaid. Surprisingly, some of the providing will most likely take place in Japan.

With Aamir’s approval, production is now in full gear. While the team is looking for a suitable director, they have also begun discussions with the Japanese government about shooting subsidies. According to a source, “Aamir has a distinct vision for the heartwarming film and believes Japan is the ideal setting for it.” Approximately 70% of the film will be shot in the United States. Aamir’s production team has approached the Japanese government for subsidies, knowing that filming in a foreign nation can be costly. That would offset some of the costs, allowing him to make the film without having to worry about budget or scale.”

If they receive a favourable reaction from the administration, a crew will travel to the nation for a reconnaissance mission next month, opening the way for a two-month shoot beginning in September. The main lady’s identity will be revealed in the following weeks.


Siddharth P. Malhotra will be in charge of directing Maharaja. In addition to Junaid, the movie also features lead performances from Shalini Pandey, Sharvari Wagh, and Jaideep Ahlawat.

The movie, according to accounts, is based on the 1862 Maharaj Libel Case. The subject of the narrative is the leader of a sect who sued a publication for disclosing his sex affairs with female followers. Junaid Khan will play journalist Karsandas Mulji, who was on the other side of the trial, in the movie Maharaja.

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