Aanand L Rai Breaks Silence On Akshay Kumar Starrer ‘Raksha Bandhan’ Failure, Reveals He Went ‘Too Smart’ With It, Says ‘I Was Wrong In Differentiating…

It collected nearly ₹37.50 crore in week one of its release.

Directed by Anand L Rai, Raksha Bandhan stars Akshay Kumar, Sadia, Bhumi Pednekar. The drama/family film was reportedly made with a budget of Rs 70 cr. Himanshu Sharma and Kanika Dhillon have written it. It was released on August 11, 2022.

It’s a tale about Lala Kedarnath, who is Akshay, and his relationship with his four sisters. It emphasises on his attempts to get his sisters married and solves issues such as dowry and body shaming. It collected nearly ₹37.50 crore in week one of its release. The latest bollywood news is that Anand has broken silence on film’s failure and said he went “too smart” with the film.

“I was wrong while making Raksha Bandhan when I thought let me give them something which is more of India and let me cater to the audience in the B and C tier cities. I was wrong in differentiating between the audiences. That’s not my job. I should focus more on the story rather than selecting the audience whom I want to cater to. This is my learning. We are battling the same thing and trying to find out what story will engage the audience at this moment and in this phase. Post-pandemic we have failed the audience with that. Maybe, I went too smart with Raksha Bandhan. I was trying to put it in a bracket and that’s wrong,” PTI quoted Anand as saying.

He added, “It was my fastest film but I relished it. I never made this film in a rush. I had fun. But I’m thinking hard about what didn’t work. And I’ve understood that in Raksha Bandhan, the start, middle and ending, the highs and lows, everything was structured. Unfortunately, its emotions were also formatted, which used to work and I thought it would work again. But was I dishonest? No, I was not. I was not living it superficially. There was a strategy which failed. I was always gutsy and never played safe. But I think subconsciously I tried to do that with Raksha Bandhan and I failed miserably. I have learned that I should keep on doing the gutsy work, without thinking of ₹200 crore or ₹300 crore.”

“We all thought people wanted to watch a big spectacle, but then we saw Drishyam 2 working. So, it’s the story. It was never about stars, at least for me. My foundation was created by R Madhavan and Dhanush and the audience was watching those films,” he further said.


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