After Getting Injured On Project K Sets Two Weeks Back, Amitabh Bachchan Reveals Doctors Were Called At Night To Treat His ‘Extreme Pain’

He was in "extreme pain" last night and doctors were called in for his aid and stated he hopes to get back soon

Amitabh Bachchan reportedly suffered a muscle tear to his right rib cage while filming for his upcoming movie, Project K two days back in Hyderabad. He had mentioned that all work on the film has been suspended and postponed until he is fully recovered. Project K, which also stars Prabhas, Deepika Padukone, and Disha Patani, is expected to release next year.

He had requested his fans not to gather outside his home in Mumbai as he is unable to meet them. Meeting his fans outside his home has been a ritual for the actor for decades. The latest is that he was in “extreme pain” last night and doctors were called in for his aid and stated he hopes to get back soon.

“Work be the essence of routine .. and routine be the effervescence of living life .. in the absence of either the world crumbles and falls apart .. routine guides the day to its efficiency and the absence of which disturbs .. So .. I must rid myself of disturbance .. get back to work and bring back routine .. and that shall hopefully , with all your prayers , occur in its rapidity .. (sic),” Amitabh stated.

“Artists flourish in the realms of beautiful petals of colourful flowers .. in the sublime strains of soulful music .. in the atmosphere and surroundings of peace harmony and love .. And when they get this they prosper with great achievement,” he added.

He further said, “BUT ..When they get the opposite , it triggers the determined angst to disprove , to throw back the garbage that came your way , and rise above it all , chest out, a brave smile adorning the face .. Many have .. and many shall be subjected to this , and shall endeavour to come face to face with it and live up to the expectations that they deserve .. They that be victorious .. be in humbled silence .. they that be victorious in abstract circumstances .. be in silence too, for the noise from the achievement shall drown all else ..(sic).

He then took to Instagram to share an image of him walking on the ramp and said, “Thank you for all the prayers and wishes for my recovery .. I repair .. hope to be back on the ramp soon.”

“The rib continues in its painful journey .. but another erupts at the toe and draws attention greater than the rib .. so .. the rib diminishes and the attention drifts to the toe .. the hand that wrote endlessly and with great endeavour, brought down by the pain of its continuous use .. put it in warm or hot water .. no results .. so mentally shift it to the other hand .. now the other paineth and the original be safe and secure .. and in work mode,” the post read.

He mentioned how doctors were called at night, “So growth under the callus develops overnight and the medics have to be called to attend .. there is a blister under the callus .. a blister under the callus .. ? strange , never heard or experienced before , but there it is and yes extreme pain .. so attention given to it .. a live puncturing under the callus , syringe removal of liquids by piercing the subject and wrapped under the dressed blanket of some protection .. till the morrow ..”

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