Ajay Devgn Approaches Salman Khan For A Role In ‘Bholaa’ Sequel? Find Details Inside!

Ajay plays a released convict, who helps the police to catch gangsters, in exchange for seeing his daughter.

Some stories have a tendency to instil confidence right away. That seems to be the case with Bholaa, an Ajay Devgn film. Even before Bholaa’s filming was over, the actor-director reportedly had approved its sequel, according to a mid-day report from April (Ajay goes down the sequel street again, April 30). The action thriller is currently developing grander ambitions as it nears its March 2023 premiere.

According to its sources, Devgn intends to develop a Bholaa cosmos with three parts. While the first instalment is a remake of Lokesh Kanagaraj’s Tamil smash film Kaithi, the next parts will have original stories with the title character at the centre. According to reports, the leading guy has asked Salman Khan to appear with him in the sequel.

“In Bholaa, Ajay plays a released convict, who helps the police to catch gangsters, in exchange for seeing his daughter. While it is a remake of Kaithi (2019), significant changes have been made to the story by writers Amil Keeyan Khan and Sandeep Kewlani to appeal to the north-Indian audience. Going forward, the second part will not be in the Lokesh Universe, instead taking its own route. This is where Ajay wants Salman to come in, playing a crucial role alongside his protagonist. The second and third parts will not necessarily be titled Bholaa, but will be set in the same universe,” said its source.

According to the report, Devgn has started talking to the famous person and has even shown him the teaser. “Salman liked it as Ajay has given a massy treatment to the actioner, which also stars Tabu. If Salman gives his nod to the sequel, the actor-director intends to give a sneak peek into his character in the first instalment itself. After the climax, the new character will be briefly introduced before the end credits roll.”

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