After Blockbuster Success Of Drishyam2, Drishyam 3 To Be Released In Malayalam And Hindi Simultaneously

The late Nishikant Kamat directed the first segment, and Kumar Mangat's son Abhishek Pathak handled the second.

“Drishyam 2” is succeeding like a rocket. Nothing succeeds like success. The newest rumour from producer Kumar Mangat’s office is that “Drishyam 3” will be produced. Additionally, there is no longer a legal battle because Viacom 18 has participated.

The latest bollywood news is that unlike the prior two parts, the Malayalam version of “Drishyam 3” would be released concurrently with the Hindi version. And the same day will be witnessing the release of both. The notion is that there shouldn’t be any leaks of the suspense.

The late Nishikant Kamat directed the first segment, and Kumar Mangat’s son Abhishek Pathak handled the second. Pathak will, of course, direct the third. Nothing succeeds like success, we say again. According to a source, the concept for the third instalment already existed; the amazing collection has only served to enhance it.

This franchise is obviously here to stay. Soon, the modalities will be determined. This will not take seven years. The second half has given Bollywood new life, and many people are watching the movie again. Mangat was still unavailable for comment when we texted him.

Returning, Drishyam 2 has been breaking records at the ticket counters with his incredible performance. It not only had the second-highest Bollywood opening of 2022, but also the second-best weekend for a Bollywood movie. The movie continues to come in at the top of both lists, but it hasn’t yet surpassed Brahmastra’s box office totals.

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