Anil Kapoor Suggested Ayushmann Khurrana To Do ‘Seedha’ Films; Expressed His Wants To Work With Rishab Shetty

Anil Kapoor is one of those stars who has still maintained his fan base and stardom by his looks and acting. He keeps a balance between more commercial films and the independent films made on a lower budget. This year, he seen in a Dharma-backed film, JugJugg Jeeyo, which did great at the box office. Apart from ‘JugJugg Jeeyo’, which featured Varun Dhawan and Kiara Advani in lead role, and he also appeared in the Netflix thriller Thar.

Speaking during a roundtable conducted by Pinkvilla, the actor recently gave advice to Bollywood star Ayushmann Khurrana.
As once Ayushmann was heard saying, “Script should be slightly tedha, wo tedhapan jab tak kahani mein nahi milega tab tak mazza nahi aayega (until I get that slightly quirky writing with a somewhat unique and novel premise, I prefer not to give my nod to the script).”

Reacting on the same, Kapoor gave his opinion by adding, “Sab tedha expect kar rahe hai, tu kuch seedha kar de.” Anil advised him to do a conventional film once in a while.

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Anil also expressed his desire to collaborate with Kantara actor and director Rishab Shetty which stunned everyone, including Rishab. He praised Rishab and said, “Next picture mere saath bana (make your next film with me).”

Not only Anil Kapoor but Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Hrithik Roshan also gave Kantara a great review.

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