Anushka Sharma released a statement & urged media to not circulate images of her daughter


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Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s daughter Vamika is one of the most talked-about stars’ children in the industry. Well, since her birth, her parents, Anushka and Virat have always sought to preserve Vamika’s privacy by not displaying her face on social media. However, during the India vs. South Africa match on Sunday, Vamika’s face was accidentally revealed. Anushka Sharma’s support for Virat Kohli has gone viral thanks to a video of her in the stands with Vamika.

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As soon as the pictures and clips went out, netizens went crazy hyping over it. But it seems that Virat and Anushka are not really very happy after this incident. Both the celebrities took their Instagram story to share a note about this recent incident. The note read, “Hi guys! We realize that our daughters’ images were captured at the stadium yesterday and widely shared thereafter. We want to inform everyone that we were caught off guard and didn’t know that the camera was on us. Our stance and request on the matter stay the same. We would appreciate it if Vamika’s images are not clicked/published for reasons we have explained earlier.”

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Well, this is not the first time that the couple has requested the paps to not click any pictures. Earlier also, Anushka had made an announcement that read, “We seek privacy for our child and would like to do our best to give her a chance to live her life freely away from media and social media. As she is older, we cannot restrict her movement, and hence your support is needed so kindly practice (refrain) in the matter. A special thank you to fan clubs and people on the internet for going out of your way to not post images. It was kind and highly mature of you.”


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