Bhushan Kumar gets into a false case, FIR filed against a political leader and a female model for extortion

The rape claim was also baseless, according to the statement, and was made with malicious purpose to harm T-Series and its Chairman's name and image.

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The claims filed by a female model against film producer and T-Series Chairman Bhushan Kumar made headlines yesterday. T-Series quickly responded, claiming that the charges and the FIR filed at the DN Nagar police station were part of a conspiracy and the outcome of a failed extortion attempt.

The rape claim was also baseless, according to the statement, and was made with malicious purpose to harm T-Series and its Chairman’s name and image.

It has now been revealed that Mallikarjun Pujari, a Thane district local political leader, collaborated with a female model (who has been in a film) to extort money from Bhushan Kumar. In June 2021, Mallikarjun Pujari approached Kumar and sought extortion money, threatening that if the money was not given, a girl would file a bogus sexual harassment case against him. T-Series then went to the Mumbai police department and filed a written complaint against Mallikarjun Pujari at the Amboli police station on July 1, 2021.

Around the same time, T-Series’ Krishan Kumar spoke with Mallikarjun Pujari, who requested that Krishan Kumar see him at the hotel “The Regenza by Tunga” at 1:00 PM on July 5, 2021. On the 5th of July 2021, Krishan Kumar saw him in the same hotel, where Mallikarjun Pujari told him that one female would file a police report against Bhushan Kumar. In addition, he sought a large sum of money. T-Series and Bhushan Kumar will never bow down to such fake extortion demands, and Krishan Kumar refused to agree to this extortion and returned to Pujari. Kumar was able to videotape Mallikarjun Pujari’s chat in which he can be heard attempting to extort money using the same logic.

Mallikarjun Pujari also constantly kept calling Krishan Kumar, but the latter refused to give in to his extortion demands. After recognising that his nefarious schemes were failing, Pujari colluded with this girl and filed a rape case against Bhushan Kumar in the DN Nagar police station on July 15, 2021.

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Confirming this development, a police official issued a comment to ETimes stating, “Complainant Kishan Kumar has stated that between July 3 and 10, one Mallikarjun Pujari falsely accused his nephew Bhushan Kumar of raping a girl. The girl blackmailed the complainant by demanding money for not reporting the rape to the police and threatened defamation in the media as well. Furthermore the girl’s friend has threatened to kill Bhushan Kumar which is why the complainant has lodged a complaint against Mallikarjun Pujari. An offense has been registered under Sections 386, 500, 506, 506 (2) of the IPC in Amboli Police Station, Mumbai.”

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