Bikni War Gets Dirtier: Netizens Point Out Double Standards Of Director Vivek Agnihotri As He Can Mock Prakash Padukone’s Daughter But His Daughter Should Not Be Dragged For Same Color Bikni?

Director Vivek Agnihotri, who has been making headlines for his tweets on trending topics, found himself on the receiving end for his reaction to the Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone song in ‘Pathaan’ titled ‘Besharam Rang’.

The director shared a video of a woman criticising the music video for spreading ‘vulgarity’ and wrote, “WARNING: #PnV video against Bollywood. Don’t watch it if you are a Secular.”

However, shortly after the post garnered eyeballs, Twitterati is now calling the director a ‘hypocrite’ and sharing his own comments while promoting his 2012 erotic thriller ‘Hate Story’. The clip features the director sharing his views on ‘celebrating a woman’s body’ and called the erotica genre an ‘art form’.

“Look who’s talking of vulgarity. The director of Hate Story. Hypocrisy of the highest level,” wrote a Twitter user.

Another called the director a ‘hypocrite’ saying, “So once you are done making a movie like Hate Story and making money off it… then you can go off and pass judgement on others for a song, which you consider ‘ashleel (vulgar)’ now. But when you made an entire movie with much more, then it was art. Gotcha. You hypocrite.”

In the old video Agnihotri says, “You’re not a complete artist if you haven’t done erotic art. It’s an art form. What can be better than celebrating a woman’s body. What’s wrong with it?”

He even goes on to share his thoughts about celebrating a woman’s body and says, “I think the most beautiful thing in this world, for a filmmaker or a photographer, is to shoot two naked bodies together…”

“Because you are taught differently, your parents and school taught you differently doesn’t mean that I also have to look at it like that,” he adds.

Meanwhile, some Twitter users shared photos of the filmmaker’s daughter wearing an orange swimsuit after he criticised Deepika’s ‘Besharam Rang’ song.

However, another Twitter user said, “Please don’t drag Vivek Agnihotri’s daughter in this. She has nothing to do with how her father thinks or comments about other women. Nobody’s children deserve this kind of public shaming. Pls don’t stoop to his level.”

However, another retorted, “Vivek can talk about Prakash’s daughter Deepika all bad things he wanted. But as per moral police:- We can’t talk about Vivek’s daughter.”

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Source : The Times Of India

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