Brahmastra’s Success Effect: Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn, Ranveer Singh To Star In A 5D Film On Mahabharat Produced By Firoz Nadiawala?

The makers are expecting to have new actresses and actors from the South Industry for crucial roles.

Produced by A G Nadiadwala, Mahabharata stars Pradeep Kumar, Padmini and Dara Singh. His son, Firoz Nadiawala, who produced classic comedies like Hera Pheri and Welcome, is planning to produce a 5D film on Mahabharat with Rs. 700 crores as its budget.

Mahabharat includes romance, emotions, treachery, action, cheat sorcery, magic, and gives the Lord Krishna’s spiritual teachings. Actors like Akshay Kumar, Ranveer Singh, Ajay Devgn are being thought to be taken up as key roles in this upcoming project.

“Firoz Nadiadwala has started work on Mahabharat and aims to make it the most visually stunning film ever in Indian cinema. The work on the script has been going on for 4-5 years and the makers would spend a couple of years more on the pre-production. The principal photography will commence in the first quarter of 2025. It’ll hopefully be released in December 2025 in the original Hindi language and would be dubbed in several languages too,” Bollywood Hungama quoted its source as saying.

Made in 1965, it hit the box-office. Nadiawala and his team are looking on similar lines when it comes to story and format. The makers are expecting to have new actresses and actors from the South Industry for crucial roles.

“The background score will be recorded in Los Angeles, USA and it’ll be grand and cinematic, like the BGM given by Hans Zimmer. A top-class company, also from Los Angeles, will work on the VFX,” the source disclosed.

The source added, “Most of the action would be real, on the lines of Gladiator, Kingdom of Heaven, etc, and not VFX-heavy. More than the VFX, Firoz wants the selling point of the film to be the characters, storytelling, emotions, dialogues etc.” 

This is seen as Brahmastra’s success effect where factors like mythological driven, VFXs are important to audiences and producers are willing to take up the next project in similar areas.

“Firoz Nadiadwala is confident that it would be India’s answer to Marvel and DC movies and also that of The Lord of The Rings, Game Of Thrones, Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc. Believe it or not, its budget is expected to be more than Rs. 700 crores. Thus, it’ll be the biggest Indian film of all time,” the source remarked.

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