Breaking: Shah Rukh Khan And Nayanthara Song for Jawan Shot On The Massive Expensive Set Of A Haveli, SRK Might Not Have Double Role And Film’s Long Runtime – Find ALL Details Inside

Shah Rukh Khan has given all time blockbuster Pathaan this year and that is why craze for his next is at all time high. Next, his another Jawan of the same genre is also going to come. Sources said that it is basically a revenge film, but there is intense romance in it too.

According to source, “In this film he has a romantic angle with Deepika Padukone as well as Nayantara’s character from South. A song and a montage sequence has already been shot on Nayantara. This is a film under Shahrukh’s own banner. His wife Gauri Khan is its producer. A lot has been spent on its shoot. A song sequence was shot on Nayanthara and Shahrukh. For him, the set of the haveli was created at a cost of Rs 3 crore. In that sequence, Shahrukh was in military uniform”.

Nayanthara Shot Her Last Schedule At YRF Studio

Although Jawan was going to release this month, but now it will come in September. The reason for this was also the long schedule of the shoot of the film. Recently its shooting has been completed on 5th May.

Sources related to this said, ‘The last schedule was completed at Yash Raj Studios. In that mostly actress Nayantara shot her important sequences. Those were his leftovers from last year. Due to pregnancy, she could not shoot then. The production then shot Nayantara’s portions in Aurangabad using the Jugaad technique. Master shots were shot on his body double. That’s because even matching Shah Rukh Khan’s dates since October till now has proved to be a challenging task as Shah Rukh has been shooting for Dunki simultaneously.

Jawan Will Have Long Runtime

As per a reliable source, ‘Nayantara and her important sequences would have been completed at the Royal Palms had it not been for Shahrukh’s date tussle. However, it could not happen during that time, because due to schedule of Dunki, Shahrukh could give his dates only for 12 days in that schedule. In such a situation, Atlee Kumar, the director of Jawan, had to go to Aurangabad and film that part. There he was shot on the highway. The master shots were taken there. Later, for the schedule of close up shots, shooting was done at Filmcity. The film Jawan was shot for more than 160 days.

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Shah Rukh Khan Might NOT Have Double Role

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Sources share another special detail related to the film. He says, ‘This film has been shot for more than 160 days. Makers have planned to keep its original run time longer. The way South films take a lot of time on character built up, the same kind of treatment has been given here as well. Shahrukh has a double role in the film but the reality is something else. Actually Shahrukh’s character travels in two long time periods. His ‘young’ to mid-aged personality has been shown.

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