Bypass Road Movie Review: Neil Nitin Mukesh’s Thriller Fails To Justify The Genre

Neil Nitin Mukesh's Thriller Fails To Justify The Genre

Movie Review:

The story of Bypass Road revolves around the mysterious life of a famous designer Vikram Kapoor (Neil Nitin Mukesh). The movie starts with a rushed Vikram calling for his girlfriend Radhika (Adah Sharma), and along in a non-linear storyline, we get to know how his ex-girlfriend Sarah Braganza (Shama Sikander) has been murdered.

Vikram and his relatives get investigated in the case and the story proceeds further revealing more (predictable) twists. Vikram gets paralysed and is unable to walk throughout the investigation. In another sub-plot, he’s hated by his step-mother Romila (Gul Panag) who’s married to his father Pratap (Rajit Kapoor).


Neil Nitin Mukesh writes the complicated story for no reason being a mess. It’s a one-line story which they tell thousand of time. There are few genuinely good twists but the lame ones outnumber them by a huge margin.


Nama Nitin Mukesh tries to follow the Sriram Raghavan route but fails to do so. Because of the similar style of the narrative, Naman adds too many things just for the sake of looking cool.


None of the three songs make any difference to the watching experience or are any memorable. So Gaya Yeh Jahaan is shamelessly recreated and has no excuse to be in the story.

Technical Departments:

Neil Nitin Mukesh’s screenplay is comparatively better than the story and it manages to retain the production values. Fasahat Khan’s camera manages to capture dark very well but it’s of no use because of serving a laid-back script.


Neil Nitin Mukesh does a decent job as a hot-shot designer with having the shades of grey. He lacks at developing a connect with the character and hence keeps the tone of his dialogues very theatric. Adah Sharma has no substance to offer to the script, the same as Shama Sikander. Though Gul Panag’s wicked aura helps to reach till her character but for a very short period of time.


Overall, Bypass Road is a quarterly-baked thriller. It fails to create the impact this genre demands. Isn’t even backed by strong performances.

Critics Rating

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Thumbs Up

  • Neil Nitin Mukesh's effort to act

Thumbs Down

  • Storyline
  • Unnecessary songs
  • Slow pace

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