Exclusive Box Office: First it was Hollywood now threat from South for Bollywood: Can Allu Arjun beat any massy Salman Khan starrer on the same day or these successes are only exception? Answer is resounding…

This time, we're talking about Bollywood market, which has been a growing market for South films since the new century.

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Names like Rajinikanth, Suriya, Thalapathy Vijay, and Chiyaan Vikram are synonymous with enormous blockbusters in Tamil film, but did you realise that their star power and box office pull extends beyond the country’s borders? No, we’re not only talking about how much money their films make outside of Tamil Nadu; We’re talking about more than that. This time, we’re talking about Bollywood market, which has been a growing market for South films since the new century.

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It all started with Prabhas’ Baahubali which broke a lot of records at the box office. Bahubali was phenomenon and it’s box office business was game changer which no one’s can deny. But so was massive success of Avengers and Spider – Man.

The recent example of a South film doing amazing business at Hindi belt is Allu Arjun’s Pushpa. But, while Pushpa’s performance is noteworthy, it isn’t groundbreaking because it just filled a gap in the market – what it would have done versus Sooryavanshi, a Hindi massy film whose all-India box office was huge.

The true threat is the popularity of Hollywood films in India, not the modernised versions of Bollywood blockbusters from the 1980s from South India. Also monies earned from Hollywood films by studios do not get reinvested in India so it’s more of an opportunity loss.

When next Prabhas film Saaho managed not even half business of Baahubali, newer logics were given for that mishap. Another dub Allu Arjun starrer is releasing on 26th January and it’s business will also shed light on this debate.

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Truth is no film can beat a Salman Khan-starrer massy film, and no one can beat an urban Hindi film, be it Allu Arjun or any other South Indian star or even Hollywood. So, why is there such a ruckus for few exceptions here and there?

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