COVID-19: Prabhas’ RadheShyam Team Donates Set’s Medical Property To A Hyderabad Hospital

COVID-19: Prabhas’s RadheShyam Team Donates Set's Medical Property To A Hyderabad Hospital
COVID-19: Prabhas’ RadheShyam Team Donates Set’s Medical Property To A Hyderabad Hospital

Amid the second wave of coronavirus, the makers of Prabhas’ Radhe Shyam have come forward to make their contribution in fighting the virus. The makers have donated property of a hospital setting that had been used during the shooting of the film.

According to the reports, the makers have donated 50 custom beds, stretchers, PPE suits, medical equipment stands and oxygen cylinders, to a private hospital in Hyderabad.

The hospital set was constructed in a private studio in Hyderabad. Since the makers are almost done with the shoot the makers moved all the property was transported it to a warehouse in the city. Observing the shortage of medical equipment the makers have decided to donate the set property to a hospital in Hyderabad.

Ravinder Reddy, Radhe Shyam’s production designer, confirmed the news was quoted as saying, “These beds have been custom designed; they are big, strong and are patient-friendly. They have all the comforts that a bed-ridden patient can leverage.”

According to Ravinder Reddy when he contacted a CEO of a private hospital for the bed to admit a relative he noticed the shortage of medical equipment. “When the CEO said that there were no beds available and that they were having difficulty in procuring, I realised the acute shortage and the gravity of the issue. Soon, I asked my filmmakers if we could contribute our hospital set, which we built for the film, for the Covid-19 patients. They immediately agreed,” he further added.
He also revealed that the entire team of Rade Shyam including Praphas has expressed there their happiness regarding the contribution.

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