Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Black Adam’ To Start Weak Due To Diwali & Clash In India; Rotten Tomatoes Rating Makes It Stand Lower Than Hanry Cavill’s ‘Man Of Steel’

The "Black Adam" teaser opens with the character's backstory, showing how a superhero may transform from a person to a god.

Wrestler and actor Dwayne Johnson, popularly known as ‘The Rock’, is playing the lead role in DC’s ‘Black Adam’. The first trailer of ‘Black Adam’ has been released. This appears to be an intriguing tale of an iconic character based on the trailer. Whereas the majority of superheroes protect people’s lives, Dwayne Johnson’s superhero does not hesitate to kill people.

The “Black Adam” teaser opens with the character’s backstory, showing how a superhero may transform from a person to a god. The trailer gives a glimpse of the modern and historical world, with Pierce Brosnan playing the role of Doctor Fate.
Black Adam might have a weak start because of Diwali fever, but the numbers might increase, “The buzz is quite strong around the film. It is getting day and date release in India and in multiple languages. The screen count is good and the word has spread among the fans. But, since it’s pre-Diwali time in India, the box office will be subdued. The movie may open anywhere around Rs 6-7 crore for all languages to start with,” remarked producer and industry expert Girish Johar.
“The box office is very dynamic these days. If the film picks up pace, then the numbers may grow to Rs 8-9 crore, or else it may also be lower. If the word of mouth is good, the first-weekend business may land at Rs 20 crore,” Johar further added

Recently few people got to watch the film, few praised the plot and few critised CGI!
Given this, one could assume that Black Adam would receive favourable reviews. But it doesn’t appear to be the case. The movie starring Dwayne Johnson has earned its Rotten Tomatoes ratings, and they are not great. Its critics’ score increased from 47% to 54% over time. According to critics, this makes the movie one of the weakest ones in the DC Extended Universe.

Black Adam scored lower than a number of other films, including Zack Snyder’s Justice League (71%) and Man of Steel (56%) starring Henry Cavill and Wonder Woman 1984. Although its low Rotten Tomatoes ratings are puzzling, they can improve over time. The Dwayne Johnson movie has not yet received any viewer feedback. However apart from all these ratings and critics, the film is yet to be released so the score will keep on changing.

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