Exclusive: 5 best women centric films that Bollywood offered us!

Bollywood has changed the perspective of storytelling in the last few decades. Several female-centric films have started making it’s space in Indian cinema. Even filmmakers especially write stories around that one exclusive character keeping a particular leading lady in mind. Gone are those days when heroines were just a showpiece in the film to spread the glamour quotient.

Female-centric films have a strong impact on society and in the industry. Bollywood have shown us women substance and strength who stands for their rights and raises their voice against injustice. She fights for her dignity and self-respect. She is a rebel but not inferior to anyone.

Here is a list of female-centric films that you must watch to feel empowered and inspired-

English Vinglish:

So what if you are married and less educated. So what if you have not stepped out of your comfort zone for years. Meet Shashi Godbole, she is a housewife who makes Ladoos for part-time earning. Like every moms and wife who do household chores, her family starts taking her for granted. She gets an opportunity to visit her sister in the US and that’s when she steps out of her comfort zone and starts living her life. Legendary actress Sridevi has made us believe that age is just a number if a person truly wants to achieve something no matters what they can do everything.


Margarita With A Straw:

Disabled or differently abled, these were the terms Laila has to listen to every time she steps out. Director Shonali Bose has created Laila in a way that we just couldn’t resist loving her. Scholarship for a semester’s study at New York University and then falling in love with Khanum. Kalki Koechlin through Laila made a special place in our hearts. Irrespective of the sexual orientation one has she taught us to be honest and devoted.



Even if your man had backed out from the wedding you still have a honeymoon to discover for yourself. There are many parts of Rani’s character a person should have in them. Even if her heart was broken, she had the guts to soot up for herself. Kangana Ranaut, through her immense acting, taught us to be headstrong in every situation and there is nothing wrong with taking a break.



Rebel is what we girls are called when we ask for our rights. Vidya Bagchi comes all the way from London to find her husband. She is alone in an unknown city but has the courage to find her husband no matter what. Vidya Balan is an institution of talent and acting she can do most people would afraid to do. Kahaani is a story of love, revenge but most importantly courage.

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Speaking about courage and this beautiful girl comes to our mind who loves her country so much that she will do anything to save it. Sehmat, a beautiful Kashmiri girl is on a mission and her honour and pride are at a stake. Alia Bhatt is one of the most talented actresses who has made everyone fall for her only through her acting and talent. With every passing film, she is polishing herself. Raazi is not just a film it is a piece of art one must watch.

Well, these were five handpicked female-centric films that should be watched.

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