Exclusive: Aamir Khan Production’s Twitter Account Hacked & Fake Apology Shared!

The theme from actor Shah Rukh Khan's film Kal Ho Na No played as the background music.

Aamir Khan is in California, USA for professional commitment and also taking break post heartbreak of Laal Singh Chaddha failure. One can see him basking under sunshine in California with a fan. Take a look at the picture below:

But here in India mischievous elements haven’t stopped. Now in the latest developments, official twitter account of Aamir Khan is hacked.

In addition to that a poorly made apology from the twitter handle has been shared.

An apology video was posted on the social media accounts of Aamir Khan Productions on Thursday night. “Michami Dukkadam,” which roughly translates to “may all my incorrect actions be inconsequential,” opened the clip.

A voice was heard saying, as words appeared on a black screen, “All of us are human beings and we only make mistakes. Sometimes through our words and sometimes by our actions, at times we do it without knowing and at times when we are angry.”

It also added, “We also hurt people with our jokes and sometimes without talking. If I have hurt your feelings in any way ever then I ask for your forgiveness with my heart, promise and being.” The video ended with ‘Michami Dukkadam’. The theme from actor Shah Rukh Khan’s film Kal Ho Na No played as the background music.

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