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Chiyaan Vikram Starrer Cobra Scores Massive Numbers In India & Malaysia On Day One Despite Mixed Reviews

Chiyaan Vikram’s Cobra was one of the most anticipated films of 2022. This is the actor’s first release in theatres in three years. As the film hit the theatres on August 31, fans thronged to the theatres to celebrate Chiyaan Vikram.

As per the reports, Vikram has occupied around 800 theatres in TN, 265 screens in Kerala and around 450 theatres in Telugu states, for a worldwide total of 3500-4000 screens. Cobra is said to be made on a budget of 90 crores and Vikram reportedly has charged 25 crores as remunerations.

Cobra had a very good opening day at the box office collecting nearly Rs. 18 crores approx in India on Wednesday. The film opened to Rs. 9.25-9.50 crores approx in Tamil Nadu, which will be the biggest or second biggest start for Chiyaan Vikram in the state depending on where the actuals land. Vikram’s best prior to the release of Cobra was his 2015 release I which collected Rs. 9.40 crores but that film’s main driving force was its director, Shankar. Apart from that, Saamy 2 is his next best opener at Rs. 5.40 crores and Cobra surpassed that quite easily. The opening day is the fifth highest of the year, behind Beast, Valimai, Vikram and RRR.

The film had an excellent start in the morning but the evening and night shows didn’t perform as well as they should have. It looked like a certain double-digit opener, maybe even as high as Rs. 12-13 crores, from the pre-sales and the sort of start it had in the morning, but there was hardly any movement during the day and most of the collections for the film were just pre-sales. Some of this can be accrued to the fact the initial reports weren’t positive. The drop in morning shows and pre-sales today also points towards the same.

Outside Tamil Nadu, the film posted good numbers as well. The business outside Tamil Nadu was higher than Valimai, only behind Beast and Vikram from this year releases. In Telugu states, it collected Rs. 4.25 crores (Rs. 2.40 crores share), which is even higher than what Vikram did. Karnataka also did well with Rs. 2 crores on opening day though Kerala could have been better.

Also Cobra debuted on No. 2 in Malayasia where it did brisk business.

The territorial breakdown for opening day collections of Cobra is as follows:

Tamil Nadu – Rs. 9.25 crores
AP/TS – Rs. 4.25 crores
Karnataka – Rs. 2 crores
Kerala – Rs. 1.65 crores
Rest of India – Rs. 60 lakhs

Total – Rs. 17.75 crores

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