Exclusive Chat With Mohit Chadda On Flight And On His Future Projects!

Exclusive Chat With Mohit Chadda On Flight And On His Future Projects!
Exclusive Chat With Mohit Chadda On Flight And On His Future Projects!
Exclusive Chat With Mohit Chadda On Flight And On His Future Projects!

Film actor and producer Mohit Chadda brings an edge-of-the-seat thriller ‘Flight’. Directed debutant director Suraj Joshi the film is bankrolled by K. Chadda, Babita Ashiwal, Mohit Chadda, and Suraj Joshi.

Flight is a story of a multi-millionaire Ranveer Malhotra, played by Mohit Chadda who gets on board a private jet. Things turn upside down when he eventually finds that he has been trapped. The film shows Mohit’s fight to survive on the plane.

In an exclusive interview, Mohit talked to us and shared the efforts to create the film.

The trailer is looking good and people are giving there positive response, how does it feel and did you expected this?

Every work we do, we do it with hope and expectations. It is so overwhelming to see the response. Every creator of any show or film makes something expecting that people will love it. At least the majority of the audience like it because I don’t think it is possible to impress 100% of people. Since there are many who don’t like even the most hit films of the nation. As our trailer got such appreciation, I am expecting to get a good response to the film as well.

The film was shot before the pandemic and how you managed to wait for the release for such a long time?

Since the major part of the film is based on VFX so shooting was a very small part of it. There are some 1632 shorts in the film from which 1137 are VFX, so that kept us busy. When the lockdown commenced in March last year we were almost done with the post-production but all other technical work kept us engaged. As an actor or creator, we want perfection we were working till the eleventh hour I guess to make it.

Looking at the current scenario theatres are suffering a lot and of course, OTT platforms are ruling, do you think digital platforms are taking the charm of the theatres?

See, nothing can take the charm of the theatres we believe in that. However, digital platforms are doing commendable work. All because of OTT we have such amazing stories to tell, to see as makers. I think this is the restriction we have in the theatres because you have to complete a whole story in 2 or 2.30 hour. Now we have this opportunity because of digital platforms where you can tell long stories. Having said that, I am from a family where we used to get all dressed up and go to theatres with our parents as for us this was no less than a celebration. Even today I notice people do that and it is such fun when you go to the theatre and you watch the film is such a big screen. However, I don’t think sitting at home anyone can do that. We also want to release our film in theatres because we don’t want to break this chain. There are a lot of people who are suffering from financial losses and cinema halls are no exceptions. I think people should understand that cinema contribute a huge chunk to our economy and it is very important that it is running. That is why we are trying to get our film in the cinema halls.

Are you scared of box office numbers looking at the present scenario?

I would be lying if I say no, yes I am scared of numbers. But at the end of the day even if we recover the investments we made in the film we are happy.

What is your next project?

❲Laugh❳ You first see Flight you’ll get your answers.

Flight releases today in cinemas.

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