Exclusive: List Of Lies From Haters,Boycott Gang & 2 Rs Experts : Shah Rukh Khan Starrer Pathaan Will Have Title Change, Colour Change And Now LATEST John Is Not Promoting The Film!

Shah Rukh Khan Starrer Pathaan is in news for all good reasons and then there are bots, boycott gangs and 2 rupees critics who are busy panning the film. But trailer, patriotic angles and now amazing content has put lot of them shut. But they will not stop until release of the film.

After following failed attempts to blame the film now they are getting desperate:

1. Title of Pathaan will be changed due to boycott gang was announced by few critics – nothing happened

2. Orange colour will be changed – nothing this sort happened

3. Censor issues will happen – censor cleared film with minimal changes

Despite all this false news now again they are up after a ‘gossip’ website circulated video of John Abraham from an event where he evaded questions regarding ‘Pathaan’.

YRF has not allowed any actor to answer any question regarding film and there is NO EVENT regarding any launches or release so media is getting desperate. John evaded those questions only as per directive from YRF.

John Abraham shared all units including yesterday trailer and still rumour mongers falling their standards rapidly.

Opening of the film will shit lot of mouths but these critics never predicted blockbuster success of ‘Drishyam 2’ and ‘Bhool Bhullaiya 2’. They are there for money and social media engagement – truth doesn’t matter to them.

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