Exclusive: Shah Rukh Khan And Aditya Chopra Shut All Mouths Within Industry Esp Bandra Juhu Camps With Highest Opening Ever Of Pathaan!

Entertainment industry is very peculiar and Hindi film industry is even more so. It resides in Andheri, Bandra, Juhu which are Mumbai suburbs. Bandra is where most of the celebs reside and most of the producers meet their ‘chamchas’ everyday at some late dinner or party in Soho Juhu or Olive in Pali Hills to discuss future of entire Hindi film industry.

Detractors Of SRK And Aditya Chopra

There were murmurs within the industry against Shah Rukh Khan for years. He is old now, doesn’t understand pulse of the new young audience, he’s a great businessman but doesn’t focus on acting career and so on. It’s ironical how few of these people visit Mannat frequently and are supposed to be a part of inside circle of SRK’s family.

Then there are new age producers who gave 2-3 hits in last five years and they consider themselves as future James Cameron or Walt Disney. They don’t have money or creative to cast Shah Rukh and even Alia Bhatt says no to their films and they then go to their favourite in-house actresses and actors.

Similarly Aditya Chopra was mocked by the industry insiders after YRF’s disastrous result in 2022 with back to back flops like ‘Jayeshbhai Jordaar’, ‘Samrat Prithviraj’ and ‘Shamshera’. Versova to Khar to Bandra offices wrote obituary of YRF too.

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What Does Record Business Of Pathaan Mean

With ‘Pathaan’ smashing all opening day records in India and overseas, there is a celebration among genuine cinema lovers, media and inside the industry. But then Soho and Olive camps are also mourning and trying to find some justifications or solace to pacify their burning hearts. They can’t believe that audience is dancing in cinemas with every show recording huge numbers.

It has been proved that hard work and experience of mounting big films do not go waste. Aditya Chopra has not done this in fluke. He delivered ‘Tiger’, ‘War’ and now ‘Pathaan’ in gaps of 10 years and all these films were biggest openings of their times. These all are massive money spinners and presented big stars in the right way.

Shah Rukh Khan delivered his biggest hit with ‘Chennai Express’ and ‘Happy New Year’. He experimented with ‘Fan’ and ‘Zero’ which should have been appreciated and not judged for numbers but most of the industry insiders mocked these efforts. His stardom was all intact, it’s just his films were not appealing to audience at large. With a right product, he is back to his best and has captured back his kingdom of box office. Now these Bandra Juhu people are in depression as their favourite actors are struggling to cross even 50 cr lifetime with 100 cr budgeted films.

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Future Belongs To SRK And YRF

Shah Rukh Khan will move on to his next biggie ‘Jawan’ and then ‘Dunki’ at Christmas 2023. Probably this year will go down as the historic year of King Khan. Also Aditya Chopra will have next Tiger film in Diwali which also has SRK as ‘Pathaan’. This will again crate massive records at box office.

These detractors will create their so called high concept films copied from West with minimal mass appeal which will keep tanking with B grade actors. They will shed tears in solitude and meet SRK with a smile at public events and private parties. Problem is not their failures but their attitude towards the real stars and producers who have kept industry alive and kicking especially in these tough post Covid times.

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