Exclusive: Taapsee Pannu gets called out on being a hypocrite on Nepotism issue and naming her production house Outsiders Films

All of Taapsee's actions, however, are taking her down the same path as Kangana Ranaut

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Taapsee Pannu started her new job as a producer last week. The actress established her own production company, Outsiders Films, and announced the news to the public. While her admirers were overjoyed by the news and applauded her decision, other internet users were concerned, and the name of her production company came under scrutiny.

Since last year, there has been a lot of discussion and controversy concerning outsiders vs. star kids in the industry. People were curious as to whether her production company, Outsiders Films, would just serve outsiders and not give opportunities to star kids.

When contacted by a news publication, the actress cheerfully revealed that her production company is not set up to combat nepotism. She claims that the goal of her production company is to support the people that helped her become who she is today, including the industry and the public.

She even states that if she just caters to outsiders and only provides them job, she will be just like those who only give work to star kids, which will make her similarly biassed and unjust. As a result, Taapsee makes it obvious that she would provide work and opportunities to anyone who merits it, regardless of their background.

All of Taapsee’s actions, however, are taking her down the same path as Kangana Ranaut. Like the Manikarnika actress, Taapsee also now owns her production house. She claims she disagrees with Kangana’s views on nepotism, yet she has previously stated in interviews that she, too, has struggled with nepotism. She has said that starkids have cost her a lot of opportunities.

Even when it comes to sportingly accepting ‘not so good’ reviews for her films, Taapsee doesn’t seem to be interested in what she has to offer others. When she sees a negative review, she is offended and reacts quickly.

Recently, Taapsee’s film Haseen Dillruba was released on Netflix to mixed reviews. While some reviewers appreciated the film and Taapsee’s performance, others were critical of the tone. Have a look at these examples to see how the actress defends her films and cannot take reviews sportingly.

Taapsee once commented to a film critic’s critique of the film, saying that her “delivery is exactly the same in her films: only the costumes change.”

Later, Taapsee Pannu has called a critic a ‘troll’ for allegedly taking a personal dig at her in their review.

Not just this, when one journalist commented that expressing toxicity and propagating it are two different things, to which she responded that she was biased and didn’t understand her character Rani.

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We wonder if this is just her taking advantage of nepotism issue for her production house or this is how she deals with controversies.


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