EXCLUSIVE: What All Brahmastra’s Success Taught Us – Proved Leading Trade Experts/Critics Wrong & Busted Boycott Gang

The worldwide success of Brahmastra has given the makers the confidence to explore Ayan Mukerji’s Astraverse and make multiple films in different timelines with the characters introduced in the first part. Sources exclusively reveal that Ayan is ready to take the Brahmastra world ahead with multiple films, making this into a large scale franchise.

The success of Brahmastra is a real life example of implementing a different set of thoughts and always keep on experimenting to bring something new to audience.

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s Brahmastra is set to close its second weekend with a high. The film, as per early estimates, collected Rs 15.25-16.25 crore on Saturday, a 55 per cent jump from the previous day. The approx. total collection now stands at 200 cr nett All India, and after Sunday’s collection, it will easily surpass the The Kashmir Files to become highest Hindi worldwide grosser of the year.

The numbers are a clear indication that the Ayan Mukerji film has crossed Rohit Shetty’s Suryavanshi starring Akshay Kumar-Katrina Kaif to become the second highest grossing film in the pandemic in India.

Boycott Gang & Amateur Agenda Driven Critics:

Talking about the critics then they had different points of view and expectation from the film that gave 3 stars and below and gave a view that Brahmastra is nothing but it’s just a weekend fare, they must say sorry to the audience who kept patience and showered a humongous love to this film.

Critics who thought Shamshera will open at 17-20 cr and priced wrong and said Brahmastra is nothing but great VFX – they should humbly accept their failure to judge or rather in this case agendas exposed.

Following are the takeaways from its success:

1. Leading Trade expert announced that boycott is real and affecting film business rather than accepting below par quality and entertainment value of Shamshera, Laal Singh Chaddha and Rakshabandhan kind of films. Thus giving legitimacy of the effect of Boycott gang and Brahmastra’s success and numbers demolished this notion of trade expert.

2. With handful of followers and mostly bots, Boycott gang felt powerful and then industry started to give them importance. But on contrary audience slapped them out with immense love to Brahmastra which did amazing numbers on non holiday and despite so many mixed reviews. So in short – Boycott Gang is busted and how!

3. Now the reviewers and trade experts who think that they know about cinema. They said that film has shortcomings and that’s why they gave it 3 or 2.5 stars and film turned out to be such a massive success. Now they should humbly at least tweet once to apologise for misleading the audience or at least accept that they don’t know audience’s taste.

4. Last big not the least, frustrated outdated critics who don’t have any idea of such films and taste of younger audience should stop bad mouthing about films. Trust us no one reads it and your social media interaction is farce.

5. New age journalists/trade experts/critics who live on social media interaction but give a damn about cinema with biased and paid favour are set to doom.

6. Massy entertainment & big screen spectacle will work in cinema no matter what and ott can not compete with it.

Brahmastra success is still immensely growing with pride and hence proving cynics wrong. Bollywood is back and how!

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