“For Shah Rukh Khan, I Am There”: Deepika Padukone REVEALS She Did Not Charge Anything For Her ‘Jawan’ Cameo

In a recent interview, Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone made some interesting revelations about her fees for special appearances in films, particularly her cameo in the highly anticipated Shah Rukh Khan starrer, “Jawan.” Contrary to earlier reports that claimed she was paid a whopping Rs 15 crore for the role, Deepika has now disclosed that she did not charge anything for her impactful and much-loved special role in the film.

Deepika Padukone Did Not Charge For Jawan Cameo

Deepika’s decision to forgo her usual fees for the “Jawan” cameo is not an isolated incident. The actress has a history of not charging for special appearances, especially for people she shares a close bond with. In the same interview, she revealed that she also did not charge for her cameos in the films “83” and “Cirkus”.

“I wanted to be a part of 83 because I wanted it to be an ode to women who stand behind their husbands’ glory. I watched my mother do it. This was my homage to wives who make sacrifices to support their husbands’ careers. Other than that, any special appearance for Shah Rukh Khan, I am there. Same with Rohit Shetty,” she told The Week in a recent interview.

Deepika Padukone’s Special Bond with Shah Rukh Khan

One of the reasons behind Deepika Padukone’s decision to waive her fees for “Jawan” is her special bond with co-star Shah Rukh Khan. She stated that she is one of the few people the actor is vulnerable with, which further solidifies their close relationship. This bond between the two stars has been evident in their on-screen chemistry, which has been praised by audiences and critics alike.

Deepika shared, “We are each other’s lucky charm. But honestly, we are beyond luck. We have a sense of ownership over each other.”

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Deepika’s career, spanning over 15 years, has seen her make several special appearances, many of which have turned out to be quite impactful. Her decision to not charge for these roles showcases her dedication to the craft and her willingness to support projects and people she believes in.

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