Gulshan Devaiah Expresses Disappointment Over Poor Show Timings Of His Latest Release 8 A.M. Metro

Gulshan Devaiah and Saiyami Kher starrer 8 A.M. Metro released today all over. It’s a man emotional film and has poetic undertone to it. We all know in today’s post pandemic scenario box office circumstances are difficult. Smaller films are struggling to even find decent showcasing in multiplexes.

Gulshan Deviah expressed disappointment over showcasing of the film as film has got very few shows.

He tweeted, “Hello 🙂
Perhaps it was a foolish decision to release this movie in the cinemas, but perhaps it’s courageous of the Director Raj R & @LongLive_Cinema to do so.
We love making movies & we love the cinematic experience. Ah! the magic of cinema!! 🙌
Foolish or courageous ? .. time will tell 🙂. 8amMetro releases today in very limited cinemas to pretty shit time slots 😂 but our sprits are not dampened by that. Live by the sword, die by the sword, if not dead then we’ll fight another day. Cinema Amar Rahe !! See you at the Movies… hopefully 🤞All that you would like to explore and know about the movie 8 A.M. Metro – (Hindi)

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About The Film 8 AM Metro:

Two married strangers meet in a metro in Hyderabad. It could either be love or murder in a cliche Bollywood scenario. However, in Raj Rachakonda’s film 8 A.M. Metro, they develop an unlikely friendship. Throughout the movie, the two strangers share jokes, confess their deepest fears and dish out wonderful poetry. What makes it relatable is the fact that both Saiyami Kher and Gulshan Deviah’s characters are middle-class people who have achieved nothing extraordinary in life and are, in fact, struggling to survive. These ‘hurting’ friends help each other heal. 8 A.M. Metro opens discussions around mental health and like most films tackling this subject, it is imperfect. However, its heart seems to be in the right place.

“Sab kuch hone ke baad bhi hum bahar kyu khushiya dhundte hai (Why do we look for happiness outside when we have everything?),” says Saiyami’s Iravati, a timid Maharashtrian middle-class homemaker. Her husband gives her no attention and her time is consumed by her kids. If anything, she feels choked with her household scenario and vents it out by writing poetry. Flashback shows how the train causes Ira severe panic attacks. So, when she has to travel by one to meet her pregnant sister, she is traumatised. During one of her episodes of panic attacks, she meets a banker named Pritam, played by Gulshan Deviah. He helps her reach her destination every day at 8 am. Soon, an unlikely friendship blossoms between them which is neither love nor attraction. The two seek solace in books, poetry, and filter coffee.

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