Harshvardhan Kapoor Blasts Media On His Birthday For Priortising Box Office Numbers Over Craft. Details Inside!

He celebrated his 32nd birthday yesterday. 

Anil Kapoor’s youngest son Harshvardhan Kapoor, who is well-known for Thar, Mirzya, AK Vs Ak, Ray. He celebrated his 32nd birthday yesterday. He worked for Anurag Kashyap’s Bombay Velvet in 2015 and then looked for genres like neo western action thriller and superhero.

“On my birthday I’ve seen many articles about me from the Hindi press where the summarise my journey so far.. instead of focusing on the merit of films like bhavesh joshi ak Vs ak ray and thar and the uniqueness of the journey all they talk about is the box office of bjs n mirzya,” tweeted Harsh Kapoor.


He added, “Its almost like they’re completely blind to any sort of creativity courage or quality and only judge an artist by money made. This sets the precedent for future generations. Don’t expect other people to take risks with their choices if this outdated/regressive reporting continues.

When a Twitter user replied to his post saying that most people equate any form of artistic expression with money, he replied, “99.9 percent and then they complain about what’s being put out.. it’s all media driven hypocrisy and click bait nonsense.”

“I hate to break it to the audience, but the reality is that my parents have no interest in paying for my sh*t. So, I wish you all were right and I was wrong. I would have had 10 times more than what I have, but I buy my own stuff. It’s the sad reality of my life. Otherwise, you don’t think I would have had five cars as opposed to just one. You don’t think I would have had 30 watches. It doesn’t work like that,” Mashable India quoted Harsh as saying.


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