Irked Pakistani singer Hadiqa Kiani threatens legal action as she accuses Kanika Kapoor of stealing her song

Kanika Kapoor, an Indian singer, debuted her version of Boohey Barian, one of Kiani's most well-known songs, on April 28.

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Hadiqa Kiana, a Pakistani singer, resorted to social media to call out other artists who are ripping her music without her consent.

Kanika Kapoor, an Indian singer, debuted her version of Boohey Barian, one of Kiani’s most well-known songs, on April 28.

Sharing the screenshot of the music video on her Instagram story, Kiani wrote, “Another day and another shameless rendition of the song my mother wrote. No one asked for my permission, no one has given me royalties, they just take the song that my mother wrote and I recorded, and use it as an easy money making scheme.”

Calling out the producers who make music videos based on the covers, Kiani added, “Some of these cover videos have received almost 200 million views on YouTube. The latter gives me ‘credit’ by saying ‘original song: ‘Boohey Barian’ by Hadiqa Kiani’.”

“I’m alive and well, if you want [to] sing my songs, ask me first…” the Dobara actor said while adding that there is a “right and wrong way to do something” and “profiting off of someone else’s hit song without any thought is not right.”

Now, talking about the same in an interview with Times of India, Kanika Kapoor has issued a statement, claiming that while she and everyone she knows are huge fans of music from Pakistan, Afghanistan, North of India and Punjab, “it is just sad that there is so much hatred on a topic, which we don’t even know what is right and what is wrong.”

She stated, “I mean, for me, we made an original song Juneja ji has written the song, Shruti has composed this song with Gourov Dasgupta, and have used a line of an old Punjabi folk song that being heard. So actually it is not a cover version, it’s a new song completely. If anyone listens to this and it’s just a little hook line, we used from an old Punjabi folk song, which I have seen more than 60 versions of on YouTube.”

“None of us have any intention of stealing anybody’s work or not crediting anybody. And if they feel that way, then it makes us very sad and we feel very sorry. But to be honest, we also find out because none of us know the truth behind copyright.”

“And not just this song, many, many folks that we all love, have the same plan, there’s nothing that we know of it. So if someone is claiming right over them, it’s not something I can do anything about. But I had no intentions of upsetting anybody. I have a lot of love and respect for all fellows singers in Pakistan, and I will continue to follow and love their music. Also, I think, people should not bring religion and country and craft in middle of a song. They should not create so much hatred, you know, maybe sometimes you can deal with things with more love than hatred and that’s what the world needs today.”

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