It’s final! Akshay Kumar’s Bell Bottom to release in theaters even if theaters in Maharashtra don’t reopen!

Akshay Kumar carried a large key in his hands, signalling that it was time to open the doors.

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Even if cinemas in Maharashtra are not permitted to operate by that date, Bellbottom will be released in theatres on August 19. In yesterday’s (August 2) order, the Maharashtra government was expecting to enable theatres to reopen, but this did not happen. While the announcement that cinemas in the state would have to close was welcomed with a lot of resentment in the industry, since yesterday, the question on the minds of industry insiders has been: Will Bellbottom keep its release date with the audience, or will it be postponed once more?

On July 27, it was revealed that Bellbottom, starring Akshay Kumar, would be released. The movie was pushed back to August 19 because cinemas in several states, particularly in Maharashtra, were not allowed to reopen in July.

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The film’s producers, on the other hand, were determined to persuade the industry that they were serious this time. They symbolically unlocked cinemas at the film’s trailer launch event yesterday while declaring that they would go ahead with the date for the film’s release in theatres.

According to industry experts, however, good news for the reopening of movie theatres in Maharashtra is on the way.

“The multiplex and single screen associations are in constant conversations with the Government of Maharashtra to pass an order for reopening of cinema halls. They have explained their plight to the officials and don’t want to miss out on a big-ticket release like Bell Bottom. The talks are on and everyone is optimistic that the government will pass an order of unlocking the cinema halls before August 15,” a trade source was quoted as saying by Pinkvilla.

“Right from some state officials to the cinema hall associations, the Bell Bottom team is in conversation with all stakeholders and are confident that positive news will come their way within the next 10 days,” the source added.

Akshay Kumar, together with officials from three national multiplex chains, PVR, Inox, and Cinepolis, as well as several single-screen cinema owners, carried a large key in their hands, signalling that it was time to open the doors.

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