‘It’s The Year Of Dreams, It’s A Year Of Kannada Cinema’: Actor Yash Opens Up On How KGF Impacted The Kannada Industry

Many credited Yash as the flagbearer of putting Kannada cinema on the world map.

Actor Yash gained all the fame after the phenomenal success of KGF franchise. Recently, he opened up about how he always supported Kannada cinema because he believed that it didn’t get the recognition which it deserves.

The year 2022 allowed audiences to introduce themselves to a new kind of South. Many credited Yash as the flagbearer of putting Kannada cinema on the world map.

In 2014, during a local event in Bangalore, he said, “My industry was always great. It’s just that we’re not actively taking action in making people realize how great it is & not getting equal opportunities. So for a few years, I was saying this everywhere because I could really see it and I wanted to put this thought process within the industry. I could clearly see it and envision it. I believe whatever we say in the universe, it manifests. I think whenever you see your goal clearly, you’re working towards it and you won’t miss it.”

Now the actor again shared how his dream is getting into reality. “It’s the year of dreams, it’s the year of Kannada cinema. It’s a year of the common man’s cinema. A lot of people from no background whatsoever have been able to achieve big things this year. It’s not about Yash. It’s about the team. Especially, KGF is not just about Yash, it’s about the team. My director, and each and every technician who has worked. So it’s everybody’s dream.”

If rumors are true then the third installment of the action film will be released soon.

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