Jawan: Priyamani Opens About Shah Rukh Khan, “He is all heart, he respects everybody equally, take care of everyone on sets”

Priyamani, a well-known actress in the South Indian film industry, recently shared her experiences of working with Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan in the blockbuster hit ‘Jawan’. The actress, who has gained popularity in the North with her role in ‘The Family Man’, opened up about her journey with Shah Rukh Khan and the rapport they shared on the sets recently during an interview with another publication.


First Meeting with Shah Rukh Khan

Priyamani recalled her first meeting with Shah Rukh Khan on the sets of ‘Jawan’. She mentioned that she was seeing him after 10 years and the journey had been great. On their first day of shoot, which was for the metro sequence, Shah Rukh Khan gave her the warmest hug and thanked her for being a part of the film.

She said to Pinkvilla, “I’m seeing him after 10 years so the journey has obviously been great. I had a great time shooting for Jawan and I still remember the first day of shoot was the metro sequence that we shot together. So we were all sitting in our respective make-up rooms and we were shooting it in the film city and all of a sudden, we were told, ‘You are called on the sets because sir would like to meet all of you’. So when we all walked onto the set, he just came out of the train set and gave me the biggest and the warmest hug and he said, ‘Thank you so much for being a part of this film. I’m so happy that you are here’, and even during the shoot, during the hospital scene as well, we were all sitting together and he was like ‘Oh my God, you’re looking so good’ and ‘She’s doing so good from Chennai Express. Mashallah, she’s looking so nice’. It’s great and I’m so happy and glad that I was part of such a wonderful film and I got to share screen space with Shah Rukh.”

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Working Experience with Shah Rukh Khan


Priyamani described Shah Rukh Khan as a person with a magnanimous heart who respects everyone equally. She revealed that he used to ensure that everyone was comfortable on the set and often asked if they needed anything. The actress also shared that they had a great time on set, talking about anything and everything under the sun. They even had jamming sessions where they sang songs.

The actress said, “He is all heart. He is a person with a magnanimous heart. He is a wonderful human being; great personality. What stands out is the way he respects everybody, equally. Be it anybody for that matter. He used to see to it that all of us were comfortable on the set. He used to come to us often and ask, ‘Are you ok? Do you need anything? Please let us know’. And there were times when we all sat together; had dinner together, especially during the metro sequence, when he said that, because that was the first time that he was seeing all of us together. He came to us and said, ‘I think we need to sit together. Let’s get to know each other a little better, so working together would also become easier.’ We just had a great time and we used to talk about anything and everything under the sun. We had a jamming session. We just sang songs and we got a music system and all that. So it was great.” 

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Priyamani also stated how it was not necessary for Shah Rukh Khan to go out of the way for them, considering the status he enjoys. She said, “For us, a person like that needed to do something like that. Especially a man of his stature need not do anything like that, but he just got down to our level and said, ‘It’s ok. We are all friends.’ After every shot, we used to sit down together and discuss about the shot and what was happening. I remember when we shot in Chennai, I was the only one who knew Tamil. So he used to ask me, ‘What does it mean? What is he saying? What is it?’. So he became one of us when we were shooting together. He is a phenomenal human being and God bless him always.”


Challenges faced during ‘Jawan’

When asked about the challenges she faced while working on ‘Jawan’, Priyamani stated that sharing screen space with Shah Rukh Khan was a big challenge for her. She mentioned that it was intimidating to work with someone she had grown up watching and admired.

In the interview, Priyamani was also asked about the challenges that she encountered while working on Jawan. She said, “The biggest challenge in terms of shoot for me was obviously sharing the screen space with him because he is the one person we’ve all grown up watching and we love all his movies and how he acts.”


Success of ‘Jawan’

Jawan is produced by Gauri Khan under Red Chillies Entertainment and distributed by Yash Raj Films internationally. Along with Shah Rukh Khan, the film also stars Deepika Padukone in a special appearance, Priyamani, Sunil Grover, Riddhi Dogra, Sanya Malhotra and Sanjeeta Bhattacharya in supporting roles. The film is Atlee’s first Hindi film and Shah Rukh Khan’s second release this year after All Time Blockbuster Pathaan. Film released on 7th September worldwide in around 10,000 screens.

Shah Rukh has stamped his authority at box office as he is set to become first actor to deliver 500 cr domestic and 1000 cr worldwide grossers back to back at box office in single year. He himself has broken all records of his previous release Pathaan in matter of 7 months! 

Jawan Beats Gadar 2, Set To Cross Pathaan On 3rd Saturday To Emerge Highest Grosser Ever

All India business of Jawan has crossed Gadar 2 in 14 days straight! Jawan has surpassed 523 cr net in 14 days. Gadar 2 stands at 521 cr net and set to finish at 522 cr lifetime. Now Jawan is only 2nd to Pathaan and it will cross Pathaan too by end of 3rd weekend if not 3rd Saturday.

Following are the top all India Hindi grossers:

  1. Pathaan ₹ 543 cr
  2. Jawan ₹ 523 cr (14 days)
  3. Gadar 2 ₹ 521 cr
  4. Dangal ₹ 387 cr
  5. Sanju ₹ 342 cr

Worldwide Box Office Collection Of Jawan In 13 Days

Domestic: 457.59 cr net (511.04 cr All India)


1st Week: 28.42 Million USD (188.25 cr) ($4.6 Million, $5.5 Million, $6.9 Million, $4.4 Million, $1.9 Million, $1.9 Million, $1.6 Million, $1.3 Million)

2nd Week: $1.9 Million, $3 Million, $2.1 Million, $0.7 Million, $0.8 Million, 

Total Overseas: $36.92 Million

Worldwide gross: 

1st week: 696.67 cr (129.60 cr, 110.87 cr, 144.22 cr, 136.1 cr, 54.1 cr, 46.23 cr, 38.91 cr, 36.64 cr)

2nd Week: 38.35 cr, 62.48 cr, 61.18 cr, 25 cr, 23.86 cr

Total Worldwide Gross: 907.54 cr

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