Jr NTR Called Rockstar His Favourite Film And Ranbir Kapoor Inspires Him As An Actor

Jr NTR graced the pre-release event of Brahmastra as the special guest. The RRR actor whose full name is Nandamuri Tarak Ramarao revealed at the event that he is in awe of Ranbir Kapoor.

Jr NTR called Rockstar his favourite movie and said that Ranbir Kapoor inspires him as an actor.

He made the revelation after SS Rajamouli who is presenting Brahmastra because of the “story and the vision of Ayan Mukerji”, said that Jr NTR knows Ranbir’s songs from Rockstar by heart. The actor, as per Baahubali filmmaker, sang a Rockstar song at a get-together in Mumbai and left everyone amazed.

“We started playing Rockstar songs on TV. Taarak started singing the song along with the song on TV. Ranbir was completely awestruck. That is not even Hindi, it’s some Kashmiri Hindi, I myself don’t know the lyrics and this guy was singing the byhearted lyrics. He (Ranbir) was amazed. We were not amazed obviously because we know the kind of talent Taarak is,” said Rajamouli.

That’s when Jr NTR revealed Rockstar as his favourite movie.

“After Amit ji there’s an actor that I connect to, that’s Ranbir. his every film inspired me as an actor. my favorite film is Rockstar” – Jr NTR about Ranbir Kapoor at today’s press conference in Hyderabad.

“There is one actor I really connect with and that is Ranbir. Every film of his has really inspired me as an actor and my most favourite is Rockstar. He inspires me. I really like the intensity in Ranbir….it feels great to share a stage with him today in my hometown Hyderabad,” he said.

He also praised Amitabh Bachchan and said that he is a big fan of the veteran actor. “I was a big fan of his intensity, his voice, his eyes, his feet…the way he stood, the way he swung his left hand…everything about Amit ji was intense for me. He really created a mark on me as an actor,” he said.

Brahmastra is a three-part film franchise and the beginning of India’s first original universe, the Astraverse. It is a new original cinematic universe inspired by deeply rooted concepts and tales in Indian mythology but set in the modern world. Talking about if he is a superhero nerd and how he drew inspiration to make a film on such a big scale, Ayan in a conversation with IANS said, “I am not a superhero nerd. I love some of the superhero films like ‘Avengers’ and ‘Spiderman’… I am not the biggest superhero fan.”

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