Kajol To Return With Her Original Co-Star Kamal Sadanah In The Revathy Directed ‘Salaam Venky’

Shooting with Kajol again made me think that I was on the sets of Bekhudi, said Kamal

Actress Kajol from Bollywood is now preparing for her forthcoming movie Salaam Venky. The audience has responded well to the film’s trailer ever since it was released. In addition to the reunion of Aamir Khan and Kajol, there will be another reunion in the upcoming movie. After 30 years, Kajol and Kamal Sadanah will work together again on the film Bekhudi, which served as her acting debut.

For the uninitiated, Kamal achieved stardom with the 1993 release of the love story Rang. Divya Bharti and Ayesha Jhulka were also in the movie. By the end of the 1990s, he took a break from acting and switched to directing and production. Kamal will be seen playing a crucial part in Salaam Venky.

“Shooting with Kajol again made me think that I was on the sets of Bekhudi. She still speaks non-stop and I had to pick my chair up and move to the other side. But it has been great fun! I can’t talk much about my role. I’m surprised they’ve put me in the trailer because no one was supposed to know that I’m in the film and what my character is all about,” in a statement speaking for the same Kamal said.

Kajol also said, “For the first five to ten minutes, I didn’t say anything. I kept screaming. It was just really nice. We’ve met in between and we know of each other’s whereabouts and everything that’s happening in our lives. But it was lovely working with him again.”

“I didn’t tell Kajol about the actor playing Kamal’s part in the film. There’s a very important scene between the two of them. It was a big surprise for her.” On the day the teaser debuted, Salaam Venky’s director announced that the film would be released on December 9.

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