Kangana Ranaut Threatened A Journalist, Mumbai Press Club Condemned The Act

Kangana Ranaut Threatened A Journalist, Mumbai Press Club Condemned The Act
Kangana Ranaut Threatened A Journalist, Mumbai Press Club Condemned The Act

Reacting on the Kangana Ranaut recent tweet where she threatened journalist Kamlesh Sutar, the Mumbai Press Club posted a condemnation.

The actress had threatened to send a legal notice and send a journalist to jail. The journalist had called out Kangana Ranaut’s lie about voting for Shiv Sena. This was in reference to Kangana’s recent interview where she claimed that she was forced to vote for Shiv Sena although she is a BJP supporter. She was talking about the recent demolition of her office building in Bandra. She also claimed that she could not find the button to vote for BJP as the two parties were in an alliance.

However, Sutar spotted a factual error in the statement. The journalist twitted that the is a voter of Bandra west seat. The seat was contested by BJP candidates Ashish Shelar for the Assembly elections 2019 and by BJP’s Poonam Mahajan for the Lok Sabha elections 2019.

“If she says she is talking about 2014, then again BJP-Sena fought together in Lok Sabha with BJP contesting the seat. In the Assembly elections she had an option of voting for BJP as both the parties fought separately. And Yes they fought 2017 BMC elections separately as well! (sic),” the journalist further added.

“You are wrong don’t spread misinformation. I will send you a legal notice. you will have to prove this in court, this trolling will cost you a lot you will end up in jail for your naughty lies,” Kangana tweeted in response.

Responding to the actress’s tweet, Sutar wrote that he is a journalist, not a troll. “And@KanganaTeam ji, I’m a Journalist not a troll. So pls do not try to intimidate a Journalist with ‘this will cost you a lot’ type threat! Good Night,” he wrote.

“Group of hyenas already salivating. I voted with my family and staff they all agree with me we had to reluctantly vote for Shiv Sena, getting details and suppose it is some confusion which we arnt aware of, does not make me a liar. Vultures getting excited for no reason..,” Kangana further wrote and deleted her previous tweet threatening Sutar.

The Mumbai Press Club shared a screenshot of Kangana’s threat and wrote, “The Mumbai Press Club takes serious cognisance and condemns the threat by@kanganateam against journalist/Club member @kamleshsutar. Celebrities, Politicians & their workers, pls do not intimidate journalists. @MumbaiPressClub strongly backs the fraternity,” the Press Club tweeted.

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