Kangana’s Thalaivii producer REVEALS reason for NOT opting for 4 week exclusive theaterical window

Vashu Vardhan Induri, Thalaivii's producer, has recently spoken out on the subject, claiming that the two-week delay is a necessary precaution at this hour.

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The makers and theatre chains are at odds over concerns relating to the release of Kangana Ranaut’s Thalaivii, which has become the most talked-about film of the year. PVR has refused to show the film until the producers guarantee a four-week buffer between its theatrical release and subsequent OTT release. After much deliberation, the filmmakers have finally reached an agreement with the theatre chain, agreeing to release the Telugu and Tamil versions of the film on OTT after a four-week hiatus. The Hindi version, on the other hand, will be available on Netflix after a two-week period. This is why the theatre chain was forced to take a firm stance against Thalaivii’s big-screen debut.

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Vashu Vardhan Induri, Thalaivii’s producer, has recently spoken out on the subject, claiming that the two-week delay is a necessary precaution at this hour. He claims that supporting Thalaivii, one of the most expensive female-led films, has some risks. He said, “As a producer who has invested so much money in the film, I have the right to recover the investment. Every producer is trying various means [to stay afloat] — some are taking the direct-to-web route, others are waiting for a few more months. I can recover the cost only if there is a two-week window because, at this point, the box office won’t give me the returns that we would get earlier.”

He further added, “If I opt for a four-week window , I will lose money and will land in a financial problem. I will never be able to make a film again.”

Despite the fact that the largest multiplex chain has refused to release it, he believes the Hindi film will have a “wide reach” at local theatres.

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Another disadvantage of the AL Vijay-directed film is that Maharashtra’s theatres are still closed. Induri, on the other hand, is unfazed. “If I hold off the release and the third wave hits, I will lose out on seven months or so. Hence, the key people on the film have decided to go ahead with the September 10 release. Kangana stands by our decision.”

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