Karan Johar Reveals Reason For Quitting Twitter (X), “They abused my mother, I don’t want to read anything about my children”

Filmmaker Karan Johar, who was once an active user of the social media platform X (formerly Twitter), has revealed the real reason behind his decision to leave the site. In a recent interview, he said that he was deeply hurt by the abuse and hate directed towards his children Yash and Roohi, and his mother Hiroo Johar.

Karan Johar’s instinctive decision to quit Twitter (X)

Karan Johar told Mid-Day that he quit Twitter “instinctively” when he started reading abuse to his children, who were five years old at the time, and his mother, who is still an older person. He said that it was the lowest one could get and he did not want to read anything about his children that would break his heart as a parent and a human being. He also said that he did not know who to fight against, as the trolls were nameless and faceless people. He added that he was not going back on the platform for anything.

KJo said, “When that happened…I thought this is the lowest people could get. Abuse me, say what you want. They also abused my mother. My mother is still an older person. My children were five at that time, when I took the decision. Now, I’m not going back on this platform for anything. Of course, my company is on it. I realize the importance of Twitter. But I don’t want to be on this platform. I don’t want to read anything about my children. That breaks my heart not only as a parent, but also as a human being.”

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Karan Johar denies quitting Twitter because of nepotism allegations

Karan Johar also clarified that his decision to quit Twitter had nothing to do with the nepotism allegations made against him as a producer. He said that he had not stopped casting people from the industry or isolated himself from Alia Bhatt, who is often accused of being his favourite. He said that he had not listened to anyone and had just left a platform that was affecting his mental health.

“It’s not that I’ve stopped casting people from the industry. Or I’ve isolated myself from the sheer wonderful-ness of Alia Bhatt. I have not listened to anyone. I’ve just left a platform.” The filmmaker explained that leaving Twitter was never about the things said against him, but it was about his kids. “I couldn’t read that. Whoever is a parent would know that is something you wouldn’t take. You’d take anything, but anything against your child, you can’t take. And I don’t know who to fight, right? They’re nameless, faceless people. I’d rather just exit,” said Karan.

Karan Johar’s journey as a single father

Karan Johar is a doting father to his adorable twins, Yash and Roohi, who were born on February 7, 2017, via surrogacy. He has openly discussed his experiences and challenges as a single father in the media. He often emphasizes the importance of being present in his children’s lives and provides them with a nurturing and loving environment. Being a public figure, Karan is protective of his children’s privacy and ensures that their lives are not excessively exposed to the media. He strikes a balance between sharing heartwarming moments with his fans and maintaining their privacy.

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