Nothing To Be Surprised: Know Why Ranveer Singh Walked Out Of YRF Talent Management Agency. Details Inside!

It happened in an amicable manner.

Ranveer Singh came into headlines recently as he parted ways with prominent YRF talent management agency. Many rumours followed then but the actual reason has been revealed now as it happened in an amicable manner, however, breaking a more than a decade relationship.

“The split happened due to financial reasons. Ranveer Singh’s contract with YRF was up for renewal. Before renewing, he requested the YRF team to reduce their commission percentage from his brand endorsement fees. He felt that it was slightly on the higher side,” Bollywood Hungama quoted its source as saying.

“YRF Talent management, however, was not ready to accept this request. As a result, Ranveer made it clear that he’d like to move out and hence, he exited YRF Talent Management Agency,” the source continued.

“YRF was the one that launched Ranveer Singh with Band Baaja Baaraat (2010). He was quite new then and YRF pushed him, due to which he was able to land some lucrative deals. The effort taken by YRF during the initial stages of Ranveer’s career was maximum and time consuming as well. And hence, they felt justified in asking for a higher percentage share of his fees. But today, Ranveer Singh is one of the most popular stars. His films have done well, and he has the ability to pull endorsement deals single-handedly. The brand Ranveer Singh is well known and he has 46 brands under his kitty. As a result, he believed that YRF should reduce their commission percentage from what was there in their initial agreement,” the source further stated.

The source added, “Nobody is wrong here. Both were practical and there is no animosity between the two. Ranveer Singh has the same respect for YRF as before as they believed in him and gave him a launch pad. The YRF management, including producer Aditya Chopra, too, continues to hold him in high regard. And both are ready to collaborate in future if a right project comes along.”

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