Movie Review Pathaan: Shah Rukh Khan Starrer Has Style, Action, Thrill & Blockbuster Written All Over It; Perfect Comeback Of The Superstar!

Shah Rukh Khan Starrer ‘Pathaan’ is first massive release of Bollywood in 2023. Film broke all records to emerge as number 1 Hindi film ever in advance bookings and today it released in middle of fanfare. Film has more than 7700 screens worldwide and widest release overseas in more than 100 countries. Film is produced by YRF and directed by Sidharth Anand.


Film revolves around rogue group of agents played by Jim (John Abraham) & Rubina (Deepika Padukone). SRK in title role fights against these rogue group of agents to save the country. Every character has a back story with suffering of undercover agents. How Rubina betrays Pathaan is first half and how Pathaan fights all odds forms the second half.


Film has enough muscles despite being a masala entertainer as every character some back story and some meat. It has right blend of humour, glamour and action. Swag and style of SRK is irresistible and Deepika looks stunning. John looks hot and fits the role. Salman Khan’s cameo in train action sequence is out of the world and lifts the film even more. Music by Vishal – Sheykhar is chartbuster.

Direction by Sidharth Anand is amazing and he blends all elements perfectly with ideal big screen extravaganza. YRF again proves that why they are unbeatable when it comes to presenting larger than life film with biggest stars of country.


It’s a Shah Rukh Khan show all the way, his persona, charm and style, everything is impeccable. Be it action sequences or clap worthy dialogue delivery – King Khan is bang on. The intensity and the rustiness make him look even more attractive and stylish. This will mark a new beginning of his illustrious career- SRK 3.0.

Deepika Padukone looks million- billion bucks in every frame and her pitch of the performance is so perfect that it’s difficult not get awe struck by her. Special praise for her action sequences – the conviction and oomph is unbelievable.

But it’s John Abraham who delivers yet another honest performance and fits the bill perfectly. A massive film needs a larger than life villain and John Abraham delivers on that front. His action sequences and dialogue delivery give right contrast to SRK.

Dimple Kapadia, Salman Khan all are top notch and so is Ashutosh Rana.


Film has right medley of emotions, action, thrill and wholesome entertainment for masses and class. Chartbuster songs, beautiful locales and international standard of action make this one a sure shot hit. It is the film which will create right kind of noise, break all records for Bollywood and will mark grand comeback of Super star Shah Rukh Khan who is probably the most loved Indian in last three decades across the globe.

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