Netizens brutally trolled Kajol for celebrating DDLJ but keeping silence on SRK’s son Aryan’s arrest!

Kajol shared the iconic train sequence from the 1990s hit film on her Instagram account.

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On the occasion of the 26th anniversary of her super-hit film ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaengye,’ in which she co-starred with superstar Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol wrote a letter to her fans thanking them for their support over the years.

Kajol shared the iconic train sequence from the 1990s hit film on her Instagram account. When Bauji (Amrish Puri, who played Simran’s father) realises Raj (Shah Rukh Khan) and Simran’s (Kajol) love, he can’t help but utter the iconic dialogue, “Jaa Simran Jaa, jeele apni zindagi.” Simran sprints to reach the train, which she boards after Raj extends his hand to assist her.

Sharing the iconic scene, Kajol wrote, “Simran caught the train 26 years back and we are still thanking everyone for all this love.”

While some of Kajol’s fans praised the film in the comments section, others cruelly mocked her for promoting it and celebrating it at a time when her co-star from the same film, Shah Rukh Khan, and his family are going through the most trying of times following his elder son Aryan Khan’s arrest in a drugs case.

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“So called best friend of SRK,” commented a social media user sarcastically.

“If your PR team did this, Shame. If you yourself posted this, Hurt! Your Best Friend is going through a lot right now, You post about this now when Aryan’s bail is rejected..? What’s wrong with you..?” wrote an Instagram user.

“I hoped that you would stand with SRK in this hard times ,,,, but …We didn’t see anything from your side at least in social media …I was your fan ma’m but now,” commented another.

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