Viral alert: Shah Rukh Khan’s encouraging message in a Cadbury ad for local businesses!

The commercial quickly went viral, and the brand's clever move was praised by the public.

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Companies are marketing their products with zeal now that festival season has begun. Cadbury is known for creating thought-provoking and empathetic advertisements for particular holidays and festivals, and this time was no different. This Diwali, the company aired a commercial using Shah Rukh Khan as the brand ambassador for small, local companies afflicted by the coronavirus outbreak. On the Internet, the novel concept is receiving a lot of positive feedback.

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The commercial, titled “Not Just a Cadbury Ad”, began with a voice-over and bytes from local merchants explaining how badly the virus had affected them. “This Diwali, we helped hundreds of small businesses by making India’s biggest brand ambassador, their brand ambassador,” the video continued.

In the next scene, SRK appeared in a cream-colored sherwani, announcing the names of different establishments and encouraging viewers to shop there for clothes, shoes, confectionery, gadgets, and other stuff. The local store names in the advertisement were developed using machine learning to resemble Shah Rukh Khan’s face and voice, according to the business. “Because it’s difficult to cover all of the stores,” the video said, “we gave the public the power to create their own version of ‘Not Just a Cadbury Ad.”

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The commercial quickly went viral, and the brand’s clever move was praised by the public, who praised the company’s efforts to encourage local companies.

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