New Still Of Shah Rukh Khan From Pathaan Is Out, Check Out!

2023 will be significant for several reasons. Shah Rukh Khan is getting ready to return with three high-profile movies after what feels like an eternity. Dunki, Pathan, and Jawan. The first of the series, Pathaan, directed by Siddharth Anand and starring Deepika Padukone and John Abraham, is set for release on January 25, 2023.

Today, Yash Raj Films thrilled his followers by posting a brand-new Pathaan poster to their social media accounts. Their post’s caption read,”He always gets a shotgun to the fight! #Pathaan Celebrate #Pathaan with #YRF50 only at a big screen near you. Releasing in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.”

The most recent poster features our King Khan in a different posture against a completely different backdrop while carrying a shotgun in his hand. Shah Rukh Khan can be seen in an Avatar spy, and it appears like Dubai is in the background of the poster.

Siddharth says, “Shah Rukh Khan has sported countless looks that have shaped the pop culture of our country and inspired generations of youngsters to dress like the king of Bollywood. His looks are associated with moments and memories of people and it won’t be wrong to say that he has made India more fashionable through his style in films. So, it was a task and a big challenge to craft a look that is extremely different for SRK, who is playing a daredevil spy in Pathaan!”

He adds, “We wanted to capture the essence of his character which is inherently cool through what he wears and also his hairstyle. We wanted to make SRK the symbol of alpha and machismo, someone who is effortlessly cool and hot at the same time, through his look.”

Siddharth further says, “Going by the reaction his look is getting, I think we have done the job of giving his millions of fans worldwide yet another look that they can be proud of and shower love upon.”

Ever since the first trailer for the movie was released on King Khan’s birthday last month, it has generated interest in the business. The movie is regarded as one of Shah Rukh Khan’s biggest endeavours. John Abraham and Deepika Padukone both play major parts in the movie. Dhawan. Stay tuned with box office World Wide for latest news, hindi box office news, Bollywood news, ott news, latest bollywood news and latest box office news.

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