Omg! Kareena Kapoor Khan’s son Jeh a part of a song in Aamir Khan’s Laal Singh Chaddha?

Kareena even revealed that Jeh was part of a song she shot for the movie

Kareena Kapoor has opened out about working on Laal Singh Chaddha while expecting her second child. In February of this year, Kareena and her husband Saif Ali Khan had their second child, Jeh Ali Khan. Kareena spent a few weeks in Delhi filming Laal Singh Chaddha with Aamir Khan prior to Jeh’s arrival. She claims she would travel from Pataudi to Delhi every day and work all night.

Talking about this, Kareena told NDTV, “We had a comfortable shoot. I used to commute from Pataudi to Delhi, because I had requested Saif to come with me, because Taimur was also with me and I wanted him to feel comfortable. I had an hour and half journey in the car every day and we shot late nights mostly,” Kareena said.

She went on to say that she talked to her gynaecologist who he gave her the red flag to work on the project. To avoid coronavirus infection, she was urged to constantly washing her hands and wearing a mask. She was also informed that she may work at night as long as she had enough sleep during the day.

Kareena even revealed that Jeh was part of a song she shot for the movie. “So, my son is practically in Laal Singh Chaddha. He is in the romantic song with Aamir and me,” she said.

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While Bebo was extremely cautious about filming during the pandemic and took all necessary precautions, she stated that she nearly passed out on set as a result of heat, humidity, and mental stress. “That day maybe it was the heat, it was the humidity, all the mental stress, like we were in the middle of the lockdown. Maybe everything came together. I just couldn’t get myself out of the van. I couldn’t get myself together. I felt like I was going to faint. I sat down and said you know I can’t go ahead with this particular shoot right now,” Kareena was quoted saying.

Laal Singh Chaddha is a remake of the film Forrest Gump, which was a box office success in the United States. It is scheduled to be released in December of this year.

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