Outdated Vs New: High Time To Rethink And Redesign Marketing Tactics For Movies In India

City tours need to be stopped as it doesn't add any value other than the clamour at a particular place.

The recently released Brahmastra has been a breakthrough for all in the entertainment industry, while teaching a great lesson to Boycott gang out there that the love for cinema is eternal.

As films continue to release in the country and bring back the zeal at theatres like earlier, there are various ways through which promotional activities begin for a particular film. From launching posters to teasers to trailers and doing the city tours, the common norm that makers have been following since long.

This needs amends as we also go through OTT (Over-the-top) releases phase, where viewers are attached to their smartphone or devices more, looking and taking things involved in it as an easier way. The industry has been practicing these now called orthodox methods prior to releases of films.

The inevitable fact is that video consumption is more on digital media than a film’s poster. Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube pave the way for strengthening why activity of such kind. It further increases costs and creates a gap to satisfy the same event at any other place in the country where fans await.

Many film posters are placed on hoardings at many places like National Highway, Near Railway Station, Bus Stand. But who stares at them when everyone is in a hurry and has a phone in hand. Similarly, transit advertising for upcoming movies needs to be changed, where everyone is either busy talking or again looking into smartphones. 

Another crucial factor is city tours where not all can witness the actors and those who live in villages miss the opportunity. City tours need to be stopped as it doesn’t add any value other than the clamour at a particular place. Prominent cities are only taken into consideration with no other way to address fans who await them at their places. This could change with a uniformity for all.  It’s clear that emphasis should be on audio-visual methods with a pan India promotional event.


1. Why do you need to spend on hoardings/outdoor when everyone is glued to smartphone or laptop or iPads ?? Only one benefitted is outdoor agency and ego of producer/ actor (believe us, they feel more assure and think that all fellow industrywallahs have seen the hoarding)

2. Stop city tours planned by lazy crook marketing and PRs as every mall and every city has seen these stars and their over accessibility do not add much. On contrary now these PR & Marketing ‘geniuses’ have agency (trust us!) to gather crowd of college students to ensure stars are happy. Next time don’t wonder how come such actor got so much crowd in mall but zero opening at box office

3. Industry needs professional agencies like JWT & O & M to manage holistic marketing plans rather than ‘chucked out’ or ex employees of some production house planning same cliche stuff

4. This whole clan of marketing – PR nexus creates new demons for their own ‘benefits’ – social media influencer who generally do same sort of reels on Instagram and same tweet on twitter

5. Do you remember last film which managed to do well because of marketing – all such films will be the ones where actors took personal interest and went extra mile to promote it – Chennai Express, Brahmastra Bhool Bhullaiya 2 or Dear Zindagi.

6. Above all, two trailers and lot of video units are imperative as all social media platforms support video far more than posters. Poster agencies are also one of the most over rated vertical.

6. Actors need to stop to hire their decade old friends as poster agency and marketing expert otherwise sooner than later they all will be extinct together.

Case in point Brahmastra which was pre dominantly marketed by Disney not Dharma and you see how professionally smoothly they handles right amount of promotion, tackled boycott nonsense and still their promotion is on in 4th week. They never looked desperate or cliche as they did all but in right proportion.

How Disney manage to target right TG and got opening (not only Brahmastra but their badly reviewed films like recent release Thor does 100 cr in India because of this) , that’s data science learnt from their Hollywood arm and that requires a separate article. (Disney didn’t pay us, any critic or so called trade expert and they ran usual media campaigns).


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