Outstanding Step: Tamil Film Producers Council Proposes New Guidelines For Film Reviewers & Social Media Influencers

The Tamil Film Producers Association held a general committee meeting on September 18 in Chennai. The agenda was to chalk out future financial recourse and pass pending resolutions. Over 500 producers were present for the meeting. The committee passed resolutions like asking social media platforms to present movie reviews after three days of a Tamil film’s release, forming a channel to benefit small investment films released on OTT through a trade foundation, and requesting the Tamil Nadu government to monitor tickets in theaters through a centralized server.

The meeting also suggested that theater owners should not allow Youtube channels and social media influencers to review the film or give opinions about the film on their premises. The council also proposed that people in the film industry should stop giving interviews to media personalities who abuse actors to a personal extent.

After passing the amendment, the meeting of the general committee members was called off. Although this amendment was passed unanimously, members like SA Chandrasekhar, JSK Satish and RV Udayakumar, among others, walked out of the venue to show their opposition against it.

Protesting members started sloganeering outside the venue and asked the committee members to quash the executive election’s rules. Protesting producers demanded an early date for the executive council elections. Later, a producer briefed the media about the amendments and asked the committee members to take down the clause, threatening them of filing a case in court.

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